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First off people keep saying bartolomeo is fodder, well if you think that you are a crusty one piece fan. why would oda go as far as say promising rookie, supernova and he fodderized a vice admiral. too much way too much hype to be fodder, but any ways the real post is about why bartolomeo is chiling like a villain. i think through specualtion what if a big WHAT IF all the major contestants like blue gilly and ricky and hack(idk lol) but what if they were all his crew members meaning he doesnt have to do anything but watch seeing they have no problem so far, i mean one of his official member Gambia was participating in the tournament, that is how i came up with this speculation. now the big reason why is bartolomeo in this tournament what is his gain i dont think its the mera mera no mi i think he might be lowkey a big part in the story like the introduction to the eleven supernovas in archipelago. but anyways thanks for reading my speculation lol