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Bartolomeo's devil fruit

The idea came from me reading a post from neko neko no mi: russian blue, when he had a prediction about one piece 708 and made bartolomeo have a devil fruit of a sabertooth, because of his teeth and said it was an acient zoan, so i started thinking to myself what are mythical cat creatures.  i found the bakeneko mythical creature( which is in the japanese section below with cat dude with swords). or japanese forklore and it had powers like 

  • menacing (even eating) sleeping humans
  • walking on its hind legs
  • flying
  • talking
  • creating ghostly fireballs
  • leaping over a fresh corpse, turning it into a zombie
  • shapeshifting into human forms

bartolomeo is called the cannibal and he has a sword that is hidden in his pants, what do yall think about this deduction

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