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  • Onepiece2trill

    The irony

    May 15, 2013 by Onepiece2trill

    this blog is just meant to be humorous. first ill go out  by saying bellamy aka one punch ko bellamy, now that this nickname has been aired out, i find ironic that he came back after we thought he was killed by doflamingo, then people started hopping on the bandwagon for bellamy hoping for him to prove to luffy that he is not going to get one punched ko again or maybe that he would be for nostalgic sake. this is where the irony comes in, at the end of the chapter he gets beaten up by bartolomeo but is still conscious its funny how he still gets koed by elizabello one punch, i guess in the end he was and will always be the one punch ko bellamy lmfao

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  • Onepiece2trill

    From the title  i was watching the new series devil survivors 2, and i was thinking about sengoku being a hito hito no mi model daibutsu a mythical zoan. i was thinking if there would be a hito hito no mi model: devil  or god, man that would be op as shit

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  • Onepiece2trill

    The idea came from me reading a post from neko neko no mi: russian blue, when he had a prediction about one piece 708 and made bartolomeo have a devil fruit of a sabertooth, because of his teeth and said it was an acient zoan, so i started thinking to myself what are mythical cat creatures.  i found the bakeneko mythical creature( which is in the japanese section below with cat dude with swords). or japanese forklore and it had powers like 

    • menacing (even eating) sleeping humans
    • walking on its hind legs
    • flying
    • talking
    • creating ghostly fireballs
    • leaping over a fresh corpse, turning it into a zombie
    • shapeshifting into human forms

    bartolomeo is called the cannibal and he has a sword that is hidden in his pants, what do yall think about this deduction…

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  • Onepiece2trill

    First off people keep saying bartolomeo is fodder, well if you think that you are a crusty one piece fan. why would oda go as far as say promising rookie, supernova and he fodderized a vice admiral. too much way too much hype to be fodder, but any ways the real post is about why bartolomeo is chiling like a villain. i think through specualtion what if a big WHAT IF all the major contestants like blue gilly and ricky and hack(idk lol) but what if they were all his crew members meaning he doesnt have to do anything but watch seeing they have no problem so far, i mean one of his official member Gambia was participating in the tournament, that is how i came up with this speculation. now the big reason why is bartolomeo in this tournament what …

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  • Onepiece2trill

    Is Doflamingo gay or transvetyke or something because as i was looking through coribous page i stumbed on laughter style , and that caribou has a unique laughing style and so does everyone on onepiece well some of them, it is seen that or it should be noted that Robin and Boa Hancock laughing style of Fufufufufufu is a common japanese style used for women in anime and manga. so i was looking at all the different laughing styles of the characters and i seen Emporio ivankov laughing the same way and it makes sense because he is an okama, but why is doflamingo laughing like that is he an okama, a metrosexual. it would make sense to the way he acts like crossing his legs and his flambouyant style of dressing maybe he is a metrosexual or an ok…

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