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So, I think I'm going to start reviewing the episodes just for the hell of it.

Anyways, here goes..

Chapters Covered: Chapter 644 (p.2-19) and Chapter 642 (p.15-19) (23 pages! Woah!)

The episode starts off with another insanely long recap (I watch this thing with people who don't read the manga and they even say it's too long!). Anyways, then the people continue to run away from Fishman Island (kind of dragged out but whatever.) Hody continues to chase Shirahoshi and Luffy, and then it goes into his "tragic past". I liked how they handled this section by modifying Arlong's voice to sound sort of like a demon. When he was chanting the word hate over and over it really sounded great. We get to see the New Fishman Pirates as kids too, which was amusing. Toei also handled the "burning" scene pretty good as well, perfect music choice, and the animation was great. Then the panel with Otohime was covered (of course, Toei decided to drag that out a little bit, but no big deal). Hody and his friends then have a little party and a long laughing scene begins (it was creepy.) After a little bit of pills and such, we finally return back to the present, with Hody still chasing Shirahoshi. The bubble shooter people finally are able to shoot the bubble at the ship (it took them forever!). Then we get a few minutes of Fukaboshi crying and such (dragged out, but I didn't care, and basically the general reaction to Luffy doing what he's doing. Luffy tells Shirahoshi to throw him at Hody... and right when you think Red Hawk is going to happen.... it cuts to Franky and Ikaros (back to Chapter 642). This part was probably my favorite part of the episode (Chopper fighting Dosun, and Zoro fighting Hyouzou). Then it cuts back to Luffy... he prepares to attack... and then.... TO BE CONTINUED! Damnit Toei.

Overall, it was a good episode. There were parts that dragged on, but it didn't have very many "horrible" moments like the episodes before it have had. The pacing from the previous episode carrying over to this episode was a plus too. Overall Rating 9/10.