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Blog post.. because.. why not?

I open up the chapter to see memes and other crap on Mangapanda. I don't read these chapters for memes, so that crap needs to stop.


Let's start with the cover page.

Caribou is up to his usual scheming again, and seems to be planning to steal from the old lady who just saved him. What a jerk.

On to the actual chapter...

Baby 5 thinks she has defeated the great General Franky, and smokes a cigarette, but of course she's wrong! Apparently she carries real weapons too, even though she's a weapon weapon fruit user (personality quirk). Franky then sings a little bit (can't wait for the anime to reach this).

Caesar then pops up and prepares to crush "Smoker's" heart.

Then an emotional scene pops up. Doflamingo says goodbye to Vergo, and tells him that he has been a great help and that he was his most trusted crewmember. I then proceeded to cry. ..

No not really, but anyways. Next up Momonosuke cries for his father's death (yes I believe he is dead at this moment). The trolley the Straw Hats are on is about to be hit by rocks, but of course, badass Zoro steps up and cuts the rocks in half.

Then it cuts to Monet, who is about to press the button. Little does she know that Caesar Clown has her heart and is about to stab it! She says goodbye to Doflamingo, but before she can, Caesar stabs her heart (I totally called this one). It's then explained that Law gave Caesar Monet's heart instead of Smoker's heart.

Next is a hilarious scene where Law asks if there is anybody who can create wind in the group, and the G-5 marines respond to him with "Why would there be somebody that can do that!". Then, of course, Nami steps up to save the day.

The scene then cuts to Dressrosa.. where Doflamingo is missing! He is then shown flying across the grand line (using his strings I presume), towards Punk Hazard.

Welp. Doflamingo is coming. This should be interesting.

10/10 this week.

I gave Naruto a read this week too for the lulz. Friendship!

End blog.