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    Note: This blog is 100% serious, and uses months and months of research and information about the topic.

    Now I know what you must all be thinking when you read this blog post?

    Is Galaxy high? Is Galaxy drunk? Is Galaxy crazy?

    Maybe I'm all 3? You can decide at the end of this blog post.

    I am going to present a lot of evidence that shows that Mr. Sabo is alive, and you are going to read it all and accept it.

    First off... explosions don't kill.

    What the hell am I saying you ask? Well isn't it obvious?

    First Point: Sabo and Pell Pell. Pell is the epitome of examples in Sabo bloggery, that proves that explosions just can't kill fictional characters. Sabo and Pell are just alike. They both are male. They both have people they care about, and they both…

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    Thought I'd make this blog post so people don't complain when a chapter isn't released tomorrow.

    Translation ( Confirmed: No One Piece next week... as in this week. The one coming out tonight/tomorrow.

    Oda is down due to sudden sickness.

    Hopefully he gets better soon.

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    Yo Wiki.

    Would anybody be interested in doing "community anime nights"? We would watch in order (or any specific arc), for a bit on set nights. We'd either use the dubbed anime or the subbed anime (I have both of them). If anybody is interested, we can get this started as soon as possible, and it would be a fun way to get the community together for an event.

    Post if you're interested.

    Of course, animes other than OP are optional as well.


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    I know some people have already been to it and seen it.

    We've had this other chat for a few weeks now. It's more efficient than the other chat, due to being loggable, and not lagging and crashing at every corner.

    Also, bots can be setup, and a triviabot has already been set up, but it very limited on questions, so people can suggest questions to me if they want to do so.

    End blog.

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    Blog post.. because.. why not?

    I open up the chapter to see memes and other crap on Mangapanda. I don't read these chapters for memes, so that crap needs to stop.


    Let's start with the cover page.

    Caribou is up to his usual scheming again, and seems to be planning to steal from the old lady who just saved him. What a jerk.

    On to the actual chapter...

    Baby 5 thinks she has defeated the great General Franky, and smokes a cigarette, but of course she's wrong! Apparently she carries real weapons too, even though she's a weapon weapon fruit user (personality quirk). Franky then sings a little bit (can't wait for the anime to reach this).

    Caesar then pops up and prepares to crush "Smoker's" heart.

    Then an emotional scene pops up. Doflamingo sa…

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