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Ohaiyo mina-san,

This will be my first proffesional blog, (wait you have other blogs?). This blog is about four characters that we haven't been able to fully fit into the one piece realm yet. These character are Bepo, Pekoms, Cands and Islewan. If you don't know who they are please look them up. Now the interesting thing of these characters is that they are all animals that behave human like (talking, thinking, walking upright) anthropomorphic for short. These anthropomorphic character are seen as skilled fighters who don't own their appearance due to a devil fruit. None of them have shown themselves able to transform into an other form. Furhtermore Pekoms actually shows us that he has eaten a zoan, meaning he wasn't a zoan to begin with but that he actually was born an anthropomorphic animal, in his case a lion. Therefore my conclusion is that all four of them are another race inhabiting the one piece world. The conclusion is based on the fact that Pekoms has a turtle zoan devil fruit, that Cands must be an anthropomorphic giraffe since the giraffe zoan devil fruit has already been eaten by Kaku. Then to get to my closing statement both Bepo and Islewan haven't shown any devil fruit (zoan) abilities.

Please tell me what you think,

Do you agree that all of them are another race in the one piece world.