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These are totally fictional (fake), so don't wurry. Jade-kun. (check my last blog)

Takanome (hawk-eyes) Dracule Mihawk Former Beli 795,000,000

Akegami-no (Red-haired) Shanks Current Beli 2,500,000,000

Shirohige (Whitebeard) Edward Newgate Former Beli 3,900,000,000

Kaido Current Beli 2,450,000,000

Big Mam Charlotte Linlin Current Beli 2,500,000,000

Monkey.D.Dragon the most wanted man in the world Current Beli 10,000,000,000,000

Meihou (Dark King) Silvers Rayleigh

Current Beli 4,500,000,000

Kaizoku-ou (pirate king) Gol.D.Roger Former Beli 7,500,000,000

Kurohige (Blackbeard) Marshall D. Teach

Current Beli 3,000,000,000

Please tell me what you think about them.