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If the Straw Hats along with the samurai arrive at Wano Country, I'll been thinking of ideas for the place.

  • The Koropokkuru Tribe (コロポックル族 Koropokkuru-zoku?): A tribe of dwarves who use leaves as umbrellas. Based on the Koropokkuru.
  • The Snakeneck Tribe might, as their name states, have long necks like a snake. Probably based on the Rokurokubi.
  • An island with a castle ruled by a shogun. Based on Momotaro's Onigashima.
    • An evil shogun resembling an oni ruling an army of warriors who also resemble oni. The shogun wishes to rule Wano Country, but also cares for his people. One of three great yokai-based people. Based on Shutendoji, one of the great evil three yokai.
    • An evil woman working for the shogun, who has the power of the Inu Inu no Mi; Model: Fox (イヌイヌの実 モデル:狐(フォックス) Inu Inu no Mi Moderu Fokkusu?). Based on Tamamo no Mae, one of the great evil three yokai.
    • A man with a long nose like Ussop, and a former emperor. Based on Emperor Sutoku, one of the great evil three yokai.
  • A dwarf swordsman who will challenge Zoro. Based on Issunboshi.
  • A group of ten ninja based on the Sanada Ten Braves.
    • A sickle-wielding ninja with the power of the Tachi Tachi no Mi (タチタチの実? Tachi comes from itachi, meaning weasel). Based on the Kamaitachi, and Kamanosuke Yuri.
    • A ninja with a Logia Fruit based on either fog or mist. Based on Saizo Kirigakure.