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  • OhJay

    Doflamingo and Vegapunk

    September 30, 2013 by OhJay

    As we know, Doflamingo is actually a world noble. And I thought of it, Brownbeard mentioned that a world noble gave the Punk Hazard dragon a name. Also, Momonosuke saw a hallucination of Doflamingo in his eastern dragon form. Since the dragon and the fruit was artifically made by Vegapunk, perhaps Doflamingo found a way to force him to work for him? That dragon was made to guard Punk Hazard, so perhaps Doflamingo made Vegapunk create the dragon so no one will find Caesar Clown. If you have any ideas, comment them. This definitely makes perfect sense.

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  • OhJay

    Ideas of Wano Country

    June 16, 2013 by OhJay

    If the Straw Hats along with the samurai arrive at Wano Country, I'll been thinking of ideas for the place.

    • The : A tribe of dwarves who use leaves as umbrellas. Based on the Koropokkuru.
    • A young monk who has the power of the . He might idolize Usopp, a reference to the Crow Tengu portrayed as an underling for the long-nosed Great Tengu. See here, Tengu ~ 天狗 (てんぐ) ~ part of The Obakemono Project: An Online Encylopedia of Yōkai and Bakemono
    • The Snakeneck Tribe might, as their name states, have long necks like a snake. Probably based on the Rokurokubi.
    • A group which may consist of people and races resembling yokai, lead by an old man resembling Nurarihyon. Based on the Hundred Demon Night Parade.
    • An island with a castle ruled by a shogun. Based…
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  • OhJay

    Family names

    May 22, 2013 by OhJay

    I just made it out of boredom and interest.


    • Monkey (D.; Luffy, Garp, Dragon)
    • Roronoa (Zoro)
    • Nico (Robin, Olvia)
    • Vander (Decken)
    • Gekko (Moriah)
    • Donquixote (Doflamingo)
    • Dracule (Mihawk)
    • Bartholomew (Kuma)
    • Boa (Hancock, Marigold, Sandersonia)
    • Jaguar (D. Saul)
    • Gol (D.; Roger, Ace)
    • Portgas (D.; Rouge, Ace)
    • Basil (Hawkins)
    • Jewelry (Bonney)
    • Eustass (Kid)
    • Capone (Bege)
    • Scratchmen (Apoo)
    • Nefertari (Cobra, Titi, Vivi)
    • Trafalgar (Law)
    • Devil (Dias)
    • Marshall (D. Teach)
    • Benn (Beckman)
    • Edward (Newgate)
    • Ahho (Desunen IX, Zurako)
    • Demaro (Black)
    • Avalo (Pizarro)
    • Vasco (Shot)
    • Catarina (Devon)
    • Jesus (Burgess)
    • Van (Augur)
    • Sanjuan (Wolf)
    • Emporio (Ivankov)
    • Fen (Bock)
    • Fisher (Tiger)
    • Montblanc (Cricket, Noland)
    • Haritsu (Kendiyo)
    • Maria (Napole)
    • Silvers (Rayleigh)
    • Jean (Bart) #1
    • Jean (Ango) #2
    • Peeply …
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  • OhJay

    Fujitora is an Admiral

    March 14, 2013 by OhJay

    I know this may be only a guess, but I think Fujitora is an admiral.

    As we know, all the admirals (expect Sengoku and Zephyr) have nicknames of a color and an animal

    • Sakazuki - Akainu: Red Dog
    •  Kuzan - Aokiji: Blue Pheasant
    • Borsalino - Kizaru: Yellow Monkey

    Since Fujitora means "Wisteria Tiger" (Wisteria being purple), I think Fujitora may be an Admiral.

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  • OhJay

    One Piece X Croket!

    March 2, 2013 by OhJay

    If you're not familiar with the manga/anime series Croket!, I'll remind you that every character there is named after food. I just made this out of boredom. Also, today is the day I graduate from high school. Anyway, here is the list of characters named after food.

    • Tamanegi (lit. Onion)
    • Piiman (lit. Pepper)
    • Ninjin (lit. Carrot)
    • Chicken
    • Sanji (Sanji means three'o clock, or three'o clock snack)
    • Carne (Spanish, Italian, Filipino, Romanian, Portuguese - meat)
    • Dontacos (a type of japanese snacks)
    • Pudding Pudding
    • Shioyaki (meaning "Fried fish with salt" in japanese)
    • Bourbon Jr. (Bourbon is a type of alcohol)
    • Mr. Beans
    • Natto (noodles with beans)
    • Okome (okome means rice)
    • Montblanc Noland and Montblanc Cricket (both named after the dessert montblanc)
    • Mousse (a t…
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