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  • Ofhani Rapetswane

    What are you seven wonders of One Piece. Mine are as follows.

    1. Marshall D. "Black Beard" Teach: First man to break the rules of One Piece. 2 Devil Fruits!!

    2. Brooke: A talking, sing, dancing, POOPING Skeleton

    3. Monkey D. Luffy: Enies Lobby, Impel Down, Marineford. Need I say more?

    4. Impel Down: Hell it's self. YOU CAN'T AVOID BEEN TORTURED!

    5. Skypia: When last have seen lump of earth float for ever?

    6. Aqua Lunga: Tsunamies ain't got nothing on you.

    7. Enel: Frist man to the Moon (Though he sucks eggs)

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  • Ofhani Rapetswane

    It's official.... I'M ADDICTED TO ONE PIECE!!! We've been treated to 5 weeks of the reunion and then this has to happen!! THE RETURN OF CHOPPERMAN! WHY!!! IT'S GETTING EXCITING!! AND HE DECIDES TO SHOW UP!! I WANNA SEE LUFFY TAME THE KRACKEN!! WHY!!!!

    P.S. No offence to the user CHOPPERMAN you are cool.

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  • Ofhani Rapetswane

    Death by woman

    November 16, 2010 by Ofhani Rapetswane

    Where do yo think Sanji would die of a nose-bleed? Amazon Lilly or Fish-man Island?

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  • Ofhani Rapetswane

    Usopp's voice.

    October 11, 2010 by Ofhani Rapetswane

    It's been 2 weeks into the reunion of the Straw-hat pirates and we are extreme happy!!!

    But on thing pop into my mind after seeing how manly Usopp has became. Which voice will Usopp return with in the anime? With his original voice or with Sogeking's voice?

    I want him to have Sogeking's voice. Have your say.

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  • Ofhani Rapetswane

    If the Straw Hats had to have a pet or a masscot what it be? And although Chopper was mistaken for a pet HE IS NOT ONE!!

    I would like them to have chicken or a goat.

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