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Looking back on Arlong's past actions and mannerisms and comparing them with Hody Jones', I think it's safe to say that they probably would've teamed up together completely if it happened before Fisher Tiger formed the Sun Pirates, but would work fragilely after so long as it's unproven that Hody actually killed any Fishmen or Merfolk, otherwise he'd turn against him for taking his name as well as Tiger's into the gutter. I can actually imagine Arlong finding out about Hody's wrongs from his tutelage would be what wakes him up from his supremacist stupor followed by him, or someone who actually sees the flaws in Hody's messed up logic, giving the latter the middle finger and saying that no one is really perfect, especially a radical terrorist like Jones who's not really the hero, reformer, or actual pirate that Tiger, Otohime, and Arlong were and most likely never will be. Kind of like this. [1] [2]

At least that's what I'm thinking.