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I know this is just weird speculation, but as a writing enthusiast, I'm a bit of a sucker for different changes in a story. So, please bear what I want to theorize, okay?

In a previous review blog, I wondered on what if Linlin held her infamous hunger strike in Elbaf back by learning how to fight as a five year old. Then, when Carmel's villainous nature was revealed, I talked with some fellow writers of mine on the thought of her deal about Linlin coming through, which would have resulted in the former retiring and the latter becoming a Marine. I admit, it's a sucky predicament and it would "normally" end with 86+ characters seen and unseen not even being born among other things, therefore it's not something I want to take too seriously, per se. But then I thought, what if Carmel retired in comfort in the East Blue, and a long time after she's gone, her Devil Fruit is found by Luffy.

In my opinion, Luffy would be a bit torn on making Homies for obvious reasons, but I can imagine he would eventually see the appeal in having more help. Kind of a like a "necessary evil" sort of thing he'd use, if he fought with his head as much as his fists. As for Linlin, I can imagine she'd grow up to be a mix between Vergo and Akainu; uncompromising and severe to her enemies and subordinates, but in secret, opportunistic and treacherous. Can't really imagine a different Devil Fruit fitting enough for her, but given her unique strengths and Haki, she probably wouldn't need one to beat Sengoku to the Fleet Admiralty.

And if there's some characters that should be existing, I guess I can see Pudding, Lola, Chiffon, and all their siblings reimagined as "grown" and "altered" in a genetics facility per Linlin's orders who then tasks them to aid her in controlling things here and there, especially in the Pirate world.

You can all interpret this however you want, if you want. Just thought it would be interesting.