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And I'm not just talking about their role in the story, but how they fit in the World Government itself. For a while, I've assumed that they are chosen from certain World Noble families to lead over them which they can make requests to for various reasons. Yet not only did the Celestial Dragons circumvent the Gorosei effortlessly during the Dressrosa Arc, but when you think about it, the two groups have cultural contradictions which I don't think some people who live in Mariejois and have explored the greater world can reconcile with. While I can understand if the Government wants to divide political and military responsibilities between the Gorosei and the Commander-in-Chief, I can't help but be curious on how Mariejois' version of the Grand Game from Dragon Age is played exactly.

A part of my gut is telling me that the Elder Stars were actually the predecessors of Kong that were granted prolonged lifespans for their careers of service to the World Government to suit their new roles of global supervisors, and the reason there are only five of them is because the title and office of Elder Star didn't begin with the Government itself, and even if it did, the new additions are meant to be capable of living in the gray as well as detached and not be clouded in their judgements by morality, or self-interest, but it remains to be seen if I'm actually right.

What does everyone else here think?