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I can understand if numerous people mostly prefer canonical One Piece, but as one who ventures into writing, I like to look at the possible side of fiction whether it be different pairings, different upbringings, different allegiances, different ambitions, and so on and so forth. One such thought that I've been considering, that can be interpreted in at least three different, yet similar, forms, is what would have happened if Sanji and his brothers were born differently than in canon. Specifically, if either the Vinsmoke brothers were all born as genetically engineered warmongers, were cast aside as "duds" and ran away with or without Reiju, were born with a balance between superhuman abilities and empathy, or something in between. It's an interesting concept that I'd like to write about someday in the future.

Anyway, I would like some advice on how to present these ideas. For Modified Human Sanji, I was thinking he'd be called Sky Blond (or Sky Yellow as some have inputted), dress in yellow, and have the power to manipulate wind. For his siblings different upbringings, I've been seeing Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji as a doctor, bouncer, navigator, and accountant. What I'm somewhat stuck on, however, is what kind of dreams they would have in either setting, if you know what I mean.

I don't see much change for Sanji's All Blue desire, and I have some inkling for his siblings' dreams about being a master martial artist for Ichiji, making a hospital version of the Baratie for Reiju, earning the title of King of Germa for Yonji, and making revolutionary technologies for Niji, but I just need advice to form a more supporting hypothesis.


And, uh, sorry about the somewhat misleading name. Apparently, I didn't change it in time and now I can't change it. If there is a way, I'd appreciate some pointers.