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  • OPmegaaafan123

    Over the course of One Piece, death has not really been a huge factor. That is until Ace and Whitebeard's death in Marineford. It makes me wonder if there is going to be more deaths in the future. Here's my predictions...

    Shanks - I think that when Luffy finally manages to find Shanks, the Straw Hats and Red-Haired Pirates are going to fight against each other. It will be an extremely tough battle but the Straw Hats will come out victorious, fulfilling part of Luffy's dream to have a pirate crew that surpasses Shanks. Obviously there is going to be a huge celebration with both pirate crews but then Blackbead is going to show looking for both Shanks and Luffy's head. Shanks and his crew (who is extremely weaken from their fights against the …

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