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Hi... My first Blog, so I'll go straight to the point.

As over the course of the last three years several Shonen series -both from Jump and other magazines alike- have reached its conclusions -like Naruto, Bleach, or Fairy Tail-, and given that One Piece may and will last for longer than all of these (Oda said in an interview in 2014 his work may last another decade, so doing the mathematics, there are like 6-7 years more to go). My question is, are there still any newcomers who can give One Piece a good fight?

Why do I ask this, you may wonder? Well... since the word "Competition" was made relevant in any given media, contendors in both ends, be it leaders, imitators, or just new contenders, tried to outdo each other -and in the process, outdo themselves-, by trying to mantain or renew they appeal to the general audience. I came to the conclussion that if there're no competitors who can stand to a particular work, the latter begins to became stale and plunges itself into a state of self-accord, eventually falling into a stage of mediocrity, since there're no challenges to keep itself in full-throttle.

Because I fear One Piece, after 20 years of being a juggernaut in the manga scene, would eventually lose its quality for the lack of competition (to be fear, only The Seven Deadly Sins and Attack on Titan can give it a good fight, and only when there're anime seasons airing), I repeat my question: Are there still newcomers who can give One Piece a run for its money?

Well, that's all... hope it's not "in-the-face".