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Anime timeskip, how will they handle it?

(Typical "i-looked-for-a-while-couldn't-find-it-asked-before-so-sorry-if-already-asked preface)

Does anyone have an idea whether or not the show will take a monthlong break before skipping? Noone likes waiting, but the anticipation was quite palpable, waiting for them to come back after 2 years, training with some of the most badass characters we'd met yet..hell, any Berserk reader is used to waiting, this wasn't too bad haha, and in retrospect was SO goddamn worth it i can't express it in words.

But, AGAIN? I know the majority of fans are fans of the show and not the manga, let alone even know it continues far past the shows current point..and so if they did the month for the manga you'd think theyd be even more likely to do it for the anime..although it works both ways, and you'd assume precisely because they've already done it for the manga it isn't necessary to build it up a second time..

It's all conjecture really, but i'm still curious what all the fellow OP wiki regulars take on this is..perhaps someone even has some insight or heard word of it going down one way or the other.

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