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<Kaku was standing next to the man named Lucci. He was cool looking, and he had a bird! Kaku always wanted to play with a bird, but a bird would always fly away from him. Yet this guy had the bird on his hat!>

Kaku: What's the birds name?

Lucci: Hattori.

Kaku: Does it fly?

Lucci: Birds do that, yes.

Kaku: Does it...

Lucci: I need you to talk with the instructors. Now.

Kaku: But I want to play.

Lucci: 'Play'? What kid your age says play?

Kaku: Well... My Grandma, Grandpa, and their 20 friends taught me about everything I need to know about kids.

Lucci: What about your parents?

Kaku: Grandma told me they were dead.

<Lucci is slightly surprised by the young boy, saying such a thing with lackluster, and mentally tells himself most other children here already says that. But... Then again, he isn't an assassin yet.>

Kaku: I didn't live in a village with other children sonny. I was the only child, but my grandparents told me everything about other children! They told me, children are super fun to play with! That kids loved fairs, and Zoo's. I always wanted to play with some kids. Yet... My grandparents were too old too play with. They got sick, and I went to the islands city, to get the hospital.

Lucci: Why didn't you go to the city to play with kids?

Kaku: It was 50 miles away. There were chasms, caves, wild beasts, and frequent avalanches.

Lucci: You... Traveled through there?

Kaku: It hurt... But I wanted to save my loved one's! Without them, I would never know what other people are like. Mr. Lucci... Will I be able to play with kids here?

<Lucci looked down at Kaku, and sighed.>

Lucci: No.

Kaku: O...oh...

<Kaku sat down, and looked at the sunset. He wanted to cry, but he stopped himself. He didn't want to look weak... Grandma and the others... Told him not to cry, when he was told that they would die before he could get to the city. He did... He got a doctor... And he made it! He saw his grandparents smiles... And cried. They died... Smiling... Before he could get home. Kaku wanted to smile, like them... But... Now everything he wanted to do... Have friends... Seems impossible now.>

Lucci: I will.

Kaku: W...what?

Lucci: I can play with you. I warn you, I am rough.

Kaku: R...REALLY!

Lucci: Yes. Let's play... 'Shigan'.



<Kalifa was 18, and was being led by her dad. He was older, had more wrinkles, and he was grumbling. He was retiring, and he didn't like it. Now that Lucci kid was an official member. First that Jabara, and now him. The younger age was catching up, and he was slowing down. But... Kalifa wanted to do it now. She wanted to be an assassin.>

Kalifa: Dad, thank you for training me.

Laskey: Don't thank me, just thank Spandam.

Kalifa: Ahh yes, the pervert.

Laskey: For the last time, sexual harassment is not sneezing.

Kalifa: You have to admit, it was funny.

Laskey: His face... I would tear my own arm off to have had a camera.

Kalifa: I know... Dad... Goodbye.

Laskey: I know.

<Laskey hugs Kalifa, and he kisses her forehead.>

Laskey: Become a world class assassin... For us.

Kalifa: Of course.

<Laskey let's go, and he walks down the hall. Kalifa walks down the opposite hall, and Laskey goes into a room. He looks up, and see's the young assassin Blueno. It was time. The right to join CP9, the final passage... Is to kill one of the members. He would fight back, as hard as he can... And die. He was weaker then Blueno... But he would at least not die a coward.>

Blueno: I have last words from the former leader Spandine. He said 'You were a good assassin'.

Laskey: Damn bastard... Did you make that up?

Blueno: No. But I agree with him. Your record is impressive.

Laskey: Good. Mr. Blueno... Can you make me a promise?

Blueno: Yes sir?

Laskey: Sir? Heh... You are a drone for CP9, aren't you? Well... Will you promise me to protect Kalifa?

Blueno: Mr. Laskey... I am ordered to kill her if she does anything wrong.

Laskey: If she doesn't?

Blueno: Then... I will do exactly that.

Laskey: Good... Then let's test your skills.

<Laskey jumps up, and slashes at Blueno's shirt. Blueno scowls, and jumps down, with his arm forming into a giant Shigan. Laskey trained these young one's well.>


<Lucci was awake. He was looking at the window, and Hattori was on his finger. He looked down, and saw his wounds. He... Was alive. But he knew what happened. He lost. He actually lost, to that pirate. It was simple... And yet he never lost. He was thinking about that pirate... Luffy. He lost to Luffy. Lost. Strange word... And that's all he can think about. He wondered... Did Luffy think about the fight? Why? Luffy won... The winner never thinks about his opponents. He only thought about the next one's. Maybe Lucci... Was just like the people he killed. Too weak to protect justice. Why not kill himself? Right now. A CP9 agent who lost, is ordered to be executed. He will be found, by a Admiral, or a CP0 agent. Either one could kill him, he knew that. But... Why did he live? The others... They must have saved him. They got him... A hospital room? Why? Lucci would not have done that... And maybe... He should. They saved him, so if he killed himself, would that be a waste? He wanted to something. But wha... Luffy. He would train. He would meet Luffy. He would kill him. He would be the winner. Lucci smiled, and looked at Hattori. He would kill anyone but Hattori... Now... CP9 were his friends.>