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<Kalifa was holding her magazine... Book, and was walking down the hall. She was 13, and was smiling. It's been a while, staying at this place, this island, but she was having a nice time. She heard a lot of strange things, about this place. When she was 5, when she heard about some teenager got beat up by some kid here. She had no idea when, it was strange. She was walking down, when she bumped into some guy. He was tall, and had a mask on his face. He growled at Kalifa, and stopped.>

Spandam: Who do you think you are?

Kalifa: Kalifa.

Spandam: Well I am Spandam, head of CP5!

<Kalifa was angry, and decided to make a joke.>

Kalifa: That's sexual harassment.

Spandam: WHAT?!

Kalifa: If you don't leave, I will sue you for sexual harassment.

Spandam: O...okay.

Kalifa: Good... That's sexual harassment.

Spandam: WHAT?!

<Kalifa smiled, and decided she was going to like this.>


<Jabara was on his first mission. He was 22, and was with an idiot.>

Fukuro: Hey Jabara, when are we going to kill our target?

<Fukuro was some idiot, assassin, with a zipper, and couldn't even close it! He was 16, and kept on talking. Thought he was tough, with a Dorki of 195. Jabara had a Dorki of 195 16 years ago. They were going to kill some ambassador, opposing the belief of expanding on the western front of BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Jabara was just going to kill the guy, and be done with it! The two saw the building, and Jabara pointed at Fukuro.>

Jabara: Now, you stay here, and kill any guards. Got it?

Fukuro: I have to stay with you.

Jabara: I don't like you. So you stay, but don't tell anyone about what I am doing to you. Got it?!

Fukuro: I'll tell everyone.

<Jabara started to claw at his head, and fumed. He walked in the building, and saw a guard. He snapped the guys neck, and kept on walking. He growled, and saw two grab guns. He jumped in the air, and kicked at them, slicing them. Standing over the corpse, he smiled. He loved killing guys. He kept on going, and saw a huge man with a huge metal hammer. The guy ran at Jabara, and was about to strike Jabara.>

Jabara: Tekkai.

<The hammer broke when he hit Jabaras face, and Jabara hit him with a Shigan. He smiled, and saw the door. He opened the door, and saw the ambassador. He was a skinny man, bald, and was holding a huge gun.>

Ambassador: I knew it... Cp9... I heard rumors, but to see you actually here... I now know... But don't think killing me will end the talks!

Jabara: I don't care, I'm just the killer.

Ambassador: Is that all you know? Killing?

Jabara: Yep, and I don't care.

<He kicks at the Ambassador, sending a whirlwind kick, killing him instantly. Jabara smiled, and walked out of the building.>

Fukuro: I told him, that he shouldn't leave me!

Police: You did, eh?

<Fukuro is surrounded by 20 police men, and Jabara growls. He was going to kill more people. Hope it would be a non recurring thing.>


<Kaku was 10, and was smiling. He was on a boat, a BIG boat, and was sailing down to an island. An island the captain calls, a great island for children! Kaku wanted to see it, and have fun with all the other children! He lived with his grandparents, and all their friends. So now, he was going to have fun with kids his age!>

Captain: So... Kaku?

Kaku: Yep sonny!

Captain: Sonny? Well, now were getting near the place. You be nice.

Kaku: Okay dokey Artie choacky!

<Kaku finally saw the island, and walked on it. He smiled, as wide as he could, and saw a big boy. He was frowning, and had a top hat.>

Kaku: Who are you mister?

Lucci: Lucci.