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<Assassins. It is a job, that kills people. On an island, young children are trained here. The Government trains them, to kill for them. If people found out, a backlash the size of a tidal wave would hit the government. These young children... train for CP9. Of all the dozens of children, 3 stand out. Jabra. Blueno. Lucci. Jabra is a 13 year old, one of the oldest, and one of the most deadly. He may be a liar, but his power is genuine. Blueno is 8, but is lifeless. He has shown skill, that terrifies people. Lucci... is different. He is a young, 6 year old, who's only property, is a bird, and a top hat. He was found on a boat, with dead pirates. No one knows what he did their, but the marine captain was forced to stop one of the marines from shooting Lucci. The marine said, that he swore Lucci was more of a demon, then all the pirates he ever met. Many members of the island, were terrified of Lucci.>


<One child, was on the island, crying. His mother told the members of CP9, that they could take him. She was on a important mission, and she was so far, in enemy territory. The boy did not know this, and was crying.>

Kumadori: I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!

CP9 Instructor: SHUT UP!



Kumadori: W...what?

CP9 Instructor: She... She's... SHE'S DEAD!

Kumadori: DEAD?!

CP9 Instructor: YES! Dead! She died, defeating very evil people. I was at her death bed, and she told me this. She said 'My... My son... Make sure... He kills evil.' But... if you can't do that...

Kumadori: NO! 

CP9 Instructor? Hmm?

Kumadori: I will... AVENGE MOM!

CP9 Instructor: GOOD! We will train you, and then tell you who to kill! Good?

Kumadori: YES!

CP9 Instructor: GREAT! NOW DO 100,000 PUSH UPS!

Kumadori: ALRIGHT!

<Kumadori is doing Push ups, and the Instructor watches him.>

Kumadori: Mom... I know you are watching me. I... I WILL KILL ALL BAD PEOPLE! 


<While one Assassin is born from a lie, another is born from misguided love. Laskey, is sitting in a chair, in the hall. On the opposite side, is a young, pretty girl, reading a huge book, with her glasses. Laskey smiles at her, and gets up. He grabs the book, and underneath is a magazine. He grabs the girls glasses, and pokes through the empty holes. The little girl pouts.>

Kalifa: How did you know?

Laskey: I know you. Your not smart. But, I will admit, you did look smart, and if I wasn't your father, I would have even called you a smart little girl.

Kalifa: I AM SMART!

Laskey: Trust me, you aren't. Now, you know me. I act nice to people, right? You know I am not nice. Acting is important, for assassins. Sweety, you are a great actress. How would you think about being a assassin, just like your dad?

Kalifa: No. I want to be like mom!

Laskey: No!

Kalifa: I want to be a secretary!

Laskey: NO!

Kalifa: You only say that because mom was a rebel!


<Kalifa, looks down, and Laskey walks away. It nearly killed his career. Marrying a rebel! He should have known. He saved himself, by killing her, but his daughter got looks from the higher ups. If he didn't make her a assassin... he would be forced to do what he did.>


<Not all children here were Assassins. One, was a spoiled brat.>

Spandam: MOVE ALONG!

<Spandam was riding on a baby elephant, and whipping it. He wanted to show his dominance over a vast creature. He was, of course, the son of a great man. Shouldn't he become great? He made all the other children run from him, and saw one was in his way. He was small, and had a top hat. He didn't care if the elephant ran him over. The elephant was about to hit the boy, and the boy pointed one finger out. It completly stopped the elephant, and caused Spandam to fall off. He looked at the boy, and got angry.>


Lucci: An idiot?


Lucci: Shut up.

<Lucci punched Spandam in the nose, causing him to fly, and hit a tree. Spandam was on the floor, crying, and holding his broken face. He looked at Lucci, and felt something. Not hate. Fear. He feared this boy. Spandam, a boy who, thought he was the greatest... saw true fear. Spandam, got up, still crying, and got on his pet. He pointed back home, and the elephant walked away. Lucci, went back to punching, and growled. He didn't need idiots around him. He needed people who woud train. He needed opponents. He needed something to fight. Lucci, looking up, and growled. No true rivals. He wished for a fight. Someone... who would force him to go all out. More then that... force him to the brink. Make him admit... that someone was strong, just like him. Lucci went back to punching, and his bird perched on his hat. The only thing that did not fear him. The only thing... Lucci did not want to kill.>