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<A few children who are playing around at a playground see a kid get punched in the face. The kid starts crying, while the other kid who hit him plants his foot on the fallen kids face.>

???: I said, who is the king of the hill?

Fallen kid: YOU ARE!

???: So why did you climb it?

Fallen kid: I... I forgot!

???: You forgot... That Krieg is the king of the hill?

Fallen kid: I... I'm sorry Don krieg!

Don krieg: Heh heh heh, everyone... WHO IS THE STRONGEST!

<Don krieg, a young but big 8 year old, takes his foot off, and walks away. Don Krieg goes to a trashy house, and opens the screen door.>

Don Krieg: Hey dad!

Don krieg's father: SHUT UP!

<The father strikes Krieg, and Krieg falls. Don Krieg's father is a huge, fat man, who is drinking alcohol.>

Don Krieg's father: Brat, all I want is peace and quiet.

Don Krieg: Yes... Father.

Don Krieg's father: That's better. Now go to your room. One peep, and I won't go easy on you.

<Don Krieg goes to his room, and cries.>



<Don Krieg smacks another child and laughs. He starts to climb up the hill, and looks down at all the kids.>

Don Krieg: Who opposes... The king of the hill?! Who is strong enough... To take down the strongest child alive?!

???: I will.

<Don Krieg looks at an even bigger child, them himself, walking up the hill. He is about a few inches taller then Don Krieg, and is much more heavier then him. He punches Don Krieg, and Don Krieg falls down the hill. He looks up, to see the child stomp him in the face.>

Bigger kid: Like you said, King of the hill.

Kid 1: Yeah, crush Krieg!

Kid 2: Kick his ass!

<The huge child stomps Don Krieg in the face, and does it for another 5 minutes. After a while, Don Krieg gets up, and walks back home, bleeding. He has cuts all over his face, a broken nose, a black eye, and a bleeding forehead. He goes back home, and is barely able to push open the door. He looks at his dad, who looks back at Krieg.>

Don Krieg's dad: What the hell happened to you?

Don Krieg: I... Fell.

Don Krieg's dad: Good. Make sure the local cops don't see. I don't want them thinking I beat you.

Don Krieg: Yes... Dad.

<Don Krieg goes to his room, and tries to clear his face with his hands. He looks around, and see's the only window he has in his room. He uses his shirt to cover his elbow, and smashes the window.>

Don Krieg: If... I can't win as the strongest kid... Then I'll win as the greatest kid.


<Don Krieg goes back to the park the next day, holding something behind his back. He looks at the bigger child, and smiles.>

Bigger child: What do you want Krieg?

Don Krieg: Hello, I want to say sorry for what I did.

Bigger child: You do?

Don Krieg: Yes I do. I just want to say sorry to you first, and then everyone else. Can we shake on it?

Bigger child: Well, okay, if you want to.

<The child puts his hand out, and Don Krieg grabs it. With his other hand, he uses a huge glass shard to stab the boy in the arm, and let's go. The bigger child screams, and Don Krieg kicks him in the chest, making the boy fall. Don Krieg stomps on him, and laughs. The children notice what is going on.>

Kid 1: Hey, that's dirty!

Don Krieg: Who cares?! I won! I'm the strongest child in the world! I'm stronger then all of you, and I'm smarter then all of you. I AM THE STRONGEST!


<Don Krieg goes home, and looks at his dad.>

Don Krieg: Hey dad, guess what?!

Don Krieg's dad: Shut up.


Don Krieg's dad: Worlds strongest? Heh heh heh, right, if anything, I'm the worlds strongest, and don't you forget it!

Don Krieg: I won't.

<Don Krieg walks behind his dad, and stabs him with the glass shard, in the neck. Don Krieg's dad is holding it, while he is dying.>

Don Krieg: Now... I am the real world's strongest.