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<A 10 child is inside a small hole, that he dug himself, and cried. He was looking at all the dead plants, around him, and cried even more. He just wanted to water them, yet... They die. He hated his life. He ate that damn fruit, and everyone turned him away. Even his parents... Hated him. He looked different, and was different... Because of that horrible fruit. He looked up from the hole, and saw a puppy. It was small, and sick. It walked closer to one of the dead plants, and ate it. When he was done he walked away. Magellan knew what would happen to that puppy. It would die from the poison. Magellan... Was a poison man. He was a devil. Everyone... Hated him. He was hungry, and got out of the hole, and went towards the dogs direction. He would have lunch.>



???: Okay~

<We see it is 5 years later and a marine captain is walking down the street. Many of the people cheered on the marine captain. The marine captain grabbed a cigarette, and smoked it. Borsalino was rather wondering, what a devil would be like. He walked down the woods, and held his cigarette. He looked in the forest, and saw dead trees, dead animals, and dead flowers. He saw multiple holes, and decided to get the Devil out of one of them.>


<He points at a hole, and shoots a laser beam at them, and it explodes in a huge puff of smoke. At the village, the village chief looked at the explosion, and clutched his chest.>

Villager 1: CHIEF!

Village chief: The suffering of the village... Is over. Now... The devil is dead. Now, I can die.

<At the forest, Borsalino looks at a figure. It was a shadow, jumping from one of the holes, and he was giant, must have been 12 feet tall. He fell on the ground, and looked down at Borsalino. Borsalino was surprised, he looked young, but scary~>

Borsalino: Man, you look like a scary guy~

Magellan: WHO ARE YOU?!

Borsalino: No one, just a marine... And you are a devil.

Magellan: No... I am human. But... I will defend myself.

Borsalino: Have you ever been hit... By light?

<Borsalino suddenly appears in front of Magellan, and kicks him in the face, throwing him farther in the forest, and destroying dozens of trees. Borsalino smokes his cigarette, and looks at Magellan. Magellan was standing, but holding his stomach. He was bleeding, but was fine. It was the first time anyone was okay after Borsalino's kick.>

Borsalino: Now, who are you?

<Borsalino uses his power to create a light sword, and points it at Magellan.>

Borsalino: Let's see what you got.

<Magellan creates a giant poison dragon, and it grows 2 other heads.>

Magellan: HYDRA!

<The poison dragons attack Borsalino, and he is unaffected.>

Magellan: What the... Why are you not hurt?

Borsalino: I can't be hurt by simple things.

Magellan: Then... Let's see if you can handle the greatest poison I have... Did you know this forest was a lot bigger then it used to... Now... OH CRAP!

<Magellan runs at a hole, and jumps in.>

Borsalino: What the...


<8 hours later, Magellan jumps out, and sees a sleeping Borsalino.>

Magellan: WAKE UP!

Borsalino: O...okay. Look... Did you do anything?

Magellan: No. I hurt no one.

Borsalino: Your a danger, no doubt, but not a bad guy. Man... I prefer either killing you, or leaving. I feel bad if I do the first, and I know Sengoku would scream at me for doing this again. Hey, want to leave with me? With that poison, we could get you a great job. What do you say?

Magellan: I... I can?


<Magellan is in a suit, and 19. He walks into the world government office, and sits down in a small chair. He looks at the worker, and he reads a file.>

Worker: Hmm... You have been trained for the use of that power for a while, and have many recommendations.

Magellan: So... I can be a marine?

Worker: Magellan... It's impossible. The danger you pose, might kill the marines you work with. However... The warden at a certain prison heard about your poison. His Vide warden is dead... Would you like to work there? Impel down?

Magellan: I've heard about it. Many people... There, are evil. They are considered the worst of the worst. Yes. I would like too.

Worker: Good. Magellan, have anyone ever called you a devil?

Magellan: Yes.

Worker: Well... Now Devils will call you that.