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The next cover story

Nobody700 November 14, 2013 User blog:Nobody700

So, seeing as how the caribou cover story is coming to an end, I somewhat liked it. Not anything really good, but seeing caribou actually win a fight was pretty good.

What will be the next cover story be? I have two opinions for two.

One being about the coolest brothers ever, and I have so many questions. Did they survive the punk hazard gassing? Will they leave the island? Will they meet anyone special? These guys really need one.

The next one is... The Vander decken fishman himself! Can he escape jail? Can he escape fishman island? Can he resurface on the island of bubbles and slaves? Who knows? But any fish version of Michael Jackson can do ANYTHING!

What cover story will pop up next? What do you think will be the next cover story?

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