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<A child was being dragged by the arm by an officer. The officer was bald, wearing a police top hat, and wore a red suit. He had a black beard, and wore glasses. He was the chief of the police, and he wanted to make a show of how he has treated. The kid hated the old man. All he was doing was showing the other kid what he thought of him.>

Officer: You enjoy stabbing kids?

Child: He deserved it! He attacked me!

Officer: So why were you carrying the knife?

Child: He attacked other kids! He deserved it!

Officer: I'll be the judge of that.

<The man finally dragged him to the child's home. It was a small, torn up shed. It was barely big enough for one person, not minding his mother. When the officer banged on the door, the child's mother opened it. She had messy pink hair, had ratty gray clothes, and she was smoking. Despite this, she was quite beautiful.>

Mother: What did he do?

Officer: Stabbed a child. This time it's major. I might have to take him to jail.

Mother: Sure, like I care. Just do it.

<She tried to close the door, but the officer grabbed the door.>

Officer: Listen... Mam... I think the main problem isn't his attitude, but where he is.

Mother: Where he is? <She starts to laugh> The brat is like that because his dad was some damn pirate!

Child: SHUT UP!

<Both the Mother and Officer look at the child's outburst.>

Mom: Are you back talking me? A real man would never insult a women. Only pirate scum would do that. Worst mistake I ever made, officer, if I were you, execute him. He would probably burn the town down. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go to bed.

<The women shuts the door, and the officer and the child are left standing there.>

Officer: S...Sakazuki. I'll convince the parents to let the charges go. I bet most of the kids will back you up if they tell them that you were defending yourself.

Sakazuki: They won't.

Officer: Why?

Sakazuki: Mom's right. I'm scum. Everyone else thinks so.

Officer: Sakazuki, listen... People hate you because of who your dad was. But you aren't him. You're Sakazuki, not a pirate. The best way to convince people that you are Sakazuki and not a pirate? Don't stab kids. Don't commit crimes. Enforce justice.

<Sakazuki starts to tear up, and looks at the officer.>

Sakazuki: Wha...What's justice?

Officer: Justice is making sure pirates don't kill people. Justice is making sure young men don't go down the wrong path. Justice is what people find right. Sakazuki... If you try harder on this, and keep that temper in check, I'm sure no one will remember you as a son of a pirate, but as Sakazuki, an enforcer of justice.

<Sakazuki starts to smile, and looks away.>

Officer: What's wrong?

Sakazuki: I don't like having people watch me smile.

<The officer looks at Sakazuki, and smiles with a toothy grin.>

Officer: One day, people will want to watch you smile.

<The officer walks away from Sakazuki, and when Sakazuki is alone, he starts to walk toward the beach.>

Sakazuki: Sakazuki... The enforcer of justice. Sakazuki... The protector of justice. Sakazuki... The hero of justice. No one will ever call me the son of a pirate, they'll all look at me, and say...

<Sakazuki looks at the huge sea that he lives near too.>