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So, as the blog title says, what is the best arc in your opinion? I make this blog, because if the new year. New year = Random bull crap I put out.

My favorite has to be... Enies lobby. Yes, somewhat Cliché, but it is true. I found all the fights too be really nice to watch, I found Robins backstory complete sad, and well told. I found CP9 <Most of them anyway> to be really good villains! and if you make bubbles and a giraffe cool! good job. Rob Lucci was one of my favorite villains in the series, as well. Gear 2nd was unexpected to me, and Gear 3rd was just awesome. I heard people complain about the Buster call, but remember, the main characters ran away before we could see the full thing. I found so many enjoyable things about the arc, and I have to say, I thought it was the highlight of the Anime.

My 2nd will go to Alabasta arc, seeing all the action, and also the similarities to Eneis lobby arc.

3rd as well go's to Marineford arc, I only place it so low because I didn't see so many other people fight. Thought it could have been longer, showing more people shine.

What is your favorite?