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<Edward looked at his new son. The child was still crying, which caused Edward to stroke his face.>

Edward: Do not worry son, you are with me. I will protect you from anything, and anyone. Son... my father would sing me a song, when I was young. 

Hush, little baby

Don't say a word

Daddy going to steal you

A Mocking Bird.

And If that mocking bird won't sing,

Daddy's going to steal you

A diamond ring. 

If that diamond ring gets stolen

Daddy's going to steal you

A looking glass.

If that Billy goat won't pull

Daddy's going to steal you 

A cart and Bull.

If that cart and Bull turns over,

Daddy's going to steal you

A dog named Rover.

If that dog named Rover won't bark

Daddy's going to steal you

A Horse and Cart.

If that horse and cart falls down,

You'll still be the sweetest in my eyes.

<The baby, stopped crying, and started to hold Edward's face. Edward, giving a small smile, looked at the baby. He was in love. It was strange, but he would die for this child. Why? Why would he die for this baby? But... he was Edward's now. This was being a father? Edward, lifted his son overhead, and they both started to laugh.>


<Fest, still running through the woods, heard noises. The woods were small, but he was surprised that he found them so soon. His son, he had to protect him. He heard Edward laughing, and came out of the woods, and pointed his rifle at Edward.>


<Edward, looking to Fest, sneered. He put the baby down slowly on the dirt, and grabbed his bisento from his back, that was strapped on.>

Edward: Leave me and my son, or die!

<SON?! Who the hell did he think he was? Did he raise this kid when he was sick? Did he raise him when he was crying his eyes out? Did he raise him when you were thinking of running and never coming back? He knew nothing.>

Fest: You think he's your son?! That boy, is my son.

Edward: Where were you then, when I rightfully took him? I will protect him.

<Fest pointed his gun at Edward, and fired. Edward hit the bullet with his Bisento, and crushed it. Fest tried to fire again, but the gun jammed. He got angry, and looked to Edward.>

Edward: Will you fight? Without your gun?

Fest: I... I'll die for him!

Edward: Then... why not a certain sets of rules?

Fest: What rules?

Edward: We will fight for the boy. If you can beat me, you can have him, and I will leave the town alone. If I win, no one can go after him, and I will have him. 

Fest: Why? Why these set of rules?

Edward: A father must love, serve, and protect their children. If you can't do one of those, you have failed being a father.

<Fest, thought the rules were dumb. He hated it. He hated everything. His son was horrible, his wife was too needy of children, every orphan disliked him, the town made fun of him living in a shack, to pay for that damn orphanage, he... he hated everything. But, if he left his son in danger, he would hate himself more then anything.>

Fest: I accept these rules.

<Fest, holding his rifle, rushed at Edward. In an instant, he was smacked over the head, in an instant, and fell to the floor. Edward, hit him with the flat side of the Bisento. Fest, looked up, and saw Edward frowning.>

Edward: Will you stand?

<Fest, punched the ground, and grabbed the rifle. He rushed at Edward again, and Edward slammed the Bisento into his face, and made him hit a tree. He got up, and rushed. He was slammed to the ground, and spit up blood. He felt like most of his bones were broken. He even felt like his spine was cracking. He still got up, and rushed. He did it again, and again, and again. He was slammed into the ground 12 times, slammed into a tree 5 times, and just plain got hit without falling 3 times. He felt as if even a fly could kill him now. But he knew... he would rush the guy for another thousand hits... and more. Edward, was sweating, lifting the 55 KG Bisento, and saw his own hands. They were bleeding. The impact... he knew that if he wanted to, killing this man would be easy. But... he knew what he had to do.>

Edward: I lose. Killing you would prove only one thing. I was forced to do it. I can barely do this... yet... you stand. You chase me. What is your name?

Fest: F...Fest...

Edward: You can have your son back.

<Edward heard screaming, the police. He gave Fest his son... but slowly. The baby looked to Fest, and started to cry.>

Edward: Goodbye... son.

Fest: Your crying?

Edward: I am?

<Edward has his tears slowly going down his face, and he hands the baby to his one true father. The man who was strong enough to protect his son.>

Fest: I... have to admit it. You seem genuine.

Edward: I'm sorry... I just want a son. My father, the bandit, raised me. He told me, that I was the best thing ever to happen to him. I just wanted to know why... and now I do. 

Fest: Oh. I know the feeling. This kid... some times, I want to throw him off a cliff. But... I love him more then anything. I know that. Maybe you'll be a good dad, if you don't steal them.

Edward: What is his name?

Fest: Blake. Ron Nicky.

Edward: I named him Edward Newgate.

Fest: Heh. I like that. Why don't you name yourself that.


<Edward hears the yell, and runs away. He looks to Fest and Nicky, and looks teary eyed. But, he will call himself Newgate. To never forget the son of his. Ever. The police and the mother surround Fest, and a doctor follows suit.>

Cop 1: My god... you look awful!

Aline: Fest! Are you okay?!

Fest: Don't worry... I have the baby, and he's safe.

<Fest hands the baby to Aline, and falls down.>

Aline: FEST!

<The doctor feels the mans legs, and looks shocked.>

Cop 2: What?

Doctor: This man... his entire body is broken! He shouldn't have been standing at all!

<They all look to Fest, and Fest smiles. Because, his own son finally smiled at him. He was a lucky father. Hope Edward get's to be a great dad. The best dad, after him.>