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<A young boy, of the age of 8, walks down the street of a small town. Many people in the town, know of the child. Edward. It's said that 8 years ago, the head of a bandit clan took a child from the town, and that it was Edward. 5 years later, Edward came back, with a gigantic weapon. Many believe, that Edward killed his father. So, they have always leaved him alone. Except, for a select few. A few have challenged the boy, to test his power. All of them, have been defeated with ease. One hit. Yet, Edward still came to town. He would buy food, alcohol, and go out of his way. Where he got the money, no one knew. Edward, however, didn't care for the stupid rumors. He was wondering about something. What his name was. He knew his last name, Edward, and it was the name from some killed townsmen, as the bandit chief told him. But, he didn't have a first name. But... That's not what was missing. Edward knew something was missing, but he had no idea. What was missing. So, Edward would always go to town every month, and try to find out what was missing. He would always go in, stick around, and then leave. For 3 years, he couldn't find what he wanted. He was, simply, sad. He would go in town, and leave. Rinse, and repeat. He will always do it, until that hole in his chest is filled. Then, he will leave.>


<After another week of looking, a 9 year old Edward was walking to a different part of town. He has always gone the same path, with no change. Now, he decided to check different parts of town. Yet, he still couldn't find what he yearned for. He was about to leave, when his eye saw something. Something that will change him. It was a building, a run down, poor building, with a sign. The Bandit chief taught him to read, and Edward read the sign. 'NewGate'. What an interesting name. Edward, walked closer to the building, and heard a strange noise. He knew that noise! It was... Laughter? He looked in, and saw a sight. Children, younger, older, and as old as him running around and having fun. Along with them, was a gorgeous women, holding a loaf of bread. No... It was a baby. Edward was sure, that what a baby was. A smaller child. Instantly, something in Edward fluttered out. Edward... Wanted that baby. He wanted it more then anything. Edward held the Bisento the bandit gave him, and struck the wall with it. The Wall was cut in half,and all the children stopped running around.>

Edward: Hand, the baby, over!

<The children, all looked fearful, and hid behind the women. The oldest child, a 13 year old, who was taller teen Edward. He grabbed a knife from his pocket, and pointed it at Edward.>

Thug Child: BRING IT!

<Edward tightened his grip on his Bisento, and slammed the safe side in the child's face. He fell in one hit, unconscious. He looked to the mother, and held his hand out.>

Edward: The child, now!

<The women, looked sad, and bent down. She looked like she would cry... And grabbed a pistol from under the chair. She pointed it at Edward, and cocked the gun.>

Women: No bastard will take these children from me!

<She shot Edward in the stomach, and he fell. She pointed it at him again, and he was angered. He swung the blade, and it cut the gun in half. He rushed to the women, and kicked her in the face. She fell down, and he looked over her growling. The children were all crying, but the baby was the loudest. Edward picked up to the baby, and looked the baby in the eyes. The baby was crying, screaming, and looked so weak. Yet... Edward loved the little child. He kissed the child on the head, and walked away. He walked out of the building, and looked to the orphanage's sign. Newgate.>

Edward: Young child, I name you... Newgate. Edward Newgate. I, am now your father. I will protect you, serve you, and love you.

<For the first time since the Bandit chief died of a heart attack, and left Edward a nervous wreck... Edward felt happy.>


<An older man, smiling, and holding a bunch of groceries, smiled. His wife, Aline, was at the orphanage caring for the children again. While they all loved her, they disliked him. He was, the strict one. The one who was never there. Fest didn't care. All he needed was Aline, to be happy. He looked to the orphanage, Newgate. Newgate, a new gate for forgotten children, if he remembered what Aline said. But, the huge wall on the side terrified him. He dropped the groceries, and saw policemen and a doctor caring for Aline.>

Fest: ALINE!

<Aline, with a broken nose, and heavily bleeding, was also crying.>


<Aline tried to get up, but the doctor put her down.>

Doctor: I forbid you, to do what I know you will do! He will kill you!


<It was true. He was born from Fest and Aline. This is what caused Fest to do the dumbest thing in his life. One of the police men had a rifle strung on their back, so it caused Fest to do it. He grabbed the rifle, and ran towards the woods. He always saw Edward go in through the woods. He was going to find Edward, and kill him.>