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<She pointed the rifle at the board, and relaxed. Think... Pretend this was Ganzo's head, when you shot him with a BB gun. Bell-mère giggled, and shot the target right in the center.>


<Bell-mère looked at the marines, and grinned. She was their hero. She was the big bad marine, with the big bad gun behind them. One of the marines, Jorome, a big fat guy with a big fat grin, walked up to Bell-mère, and slapped her back.>

Jorome: Captain Bell-mère, you have been kicking ass for 8 years here. So, have you heard about headquarters sending in some commodore. He's probably going to be some weasel jerk.

Bell-mère: How about we do the usual... Spit take.

<A few marines are holding an entire barrel of spit, laugh about the idea of dropping it all over him. Bell-mère holds her gun in the air, and shoots three birds in the air.>

Bell-mère: Come on, headquarters, send your worst!


<A marine commodore is on a boat, smoking a cigar, and looks at vice admiral Kuzan.>

Kuzan: Geez, so, Royo, are you really going to the east blue?

<Royo is a young, handsome man, with a huge scar over his face, and has blue hair.>

Royo: Yeah. I heard their is a women there. Her name is Bell-mère, and I think she looks... Hot!

Kuzan: Be careful. She's a crazy women.

Royo: Aren't they all?


<A pirate boat, with a few pirates hanging around, and cleaning cannons. The first mate, a tall old man, with a bald head, and wearing a cape, is sitting on the stairs. He looks at the 2nd mate. A young man, 19, who has black hair, and heavily resembles Luffy.>

2nd mate: So, how is captain?

1st mate: He's sleeping. We're to invade some town, called... Shorono.

2nd mate: Good. I want to show cap my gun skills.

1st mate: Well, help burn down this town, and we'll talk. Son... You can impress grandpa.

2nd mate: Thanks dad.


<A young women, cleaning some clothes, is smiling. She has orange hair, and looks at her husband. He himself, has orange hair, and has a small mustache. He is cleaning some tangerines, and groans.>

???: Honey, do we have to eat these? I hate these!

???: Now Kon...

Kon: But Aomi, who likes these?! I hate them.

Aomi: You know Yuu loves them.

Kon: Well, I guess she does.

<He grabs a tangerine, and gives it to a young baby girl, with orange hair. She smiles, and grabs it with her small hands. She tries to eat it, with her one tooth, and has problems. Kon grabs it, and peels it.>

Kon: Well, do you think we should leave Shorono? I think we should live somewhere safer...

Aomi: Hmm... Let's think about it later.

Kon: That's no?

Aomi: No. I really think we should.

Kon: Finally!

<Kon hugs Aomi, and looks at Yuu.>

Kon: Yuu... Together... And forever.