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It sucked, don't watch it.

Okay, let me explain. It's a okay story (Gang has to go find treasure) and I admit, it's connection to One Piece Gold is cool, but it's flaws outweigh its good. First, the bad guy is just a treasure fetish chain gang guy, with nothing beyond that. The humor is very boring with barely any good laughs. The animation quality is hit and miss, some is movie good, some makes the Dressrosa arc call a friend. The fights ass well, are very boring. The twists can be seen at any time.

But most of all... Fuck Olga. Yeah, fuck her. Fuck everything about her. In my opinion, and I don't joke... She is my most hated One Piece character. That's right, in a franchise spanning over 800 chapters and episodes, and several movies along with specials, with a cast in the triple digits... I hate her more then anyone. She is annoying beyond belief, her personality grates, her voice actress is bland and even bad, plus her 'Oh, the asshole was actually nice' was done a billion times, and a billion times better every time. I'm surprised none of the characters just killed her when she laughed. When she laughs, paint peels off the walls. So, bad special, and FUCK OLGA!

Hope Gold is Better!