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<Borsalino was cleaning his wounds. The war was tough. He fought both the that Marco fellow, and nearly Whitebeard. Then, he had to meet that Beckman fellow. They were terrifying fellows~. Borsalino, was still resting, when he saw someone walk past him. It was Sengoku.>

Borsalino: Sengoku, are you okay?

Sengoku: No. I'm not. All those damn criminals from Impel down!

Borsalino: I thought Magellan could take them.

Sengoku: Maybe, but with all those criminals from Level 6, and the Blackbeard pirates... I don't think even I could. I did send Sakazuki, to deal with them. Damn bastards thought they could trade with us after what they did! Blackbeard may be as powerful as whitebeard, but his idiocy will be the death of him!

Borsalino: Well, with you being Fleet admiral, we can't lose.

Sengoku: Borsalino... I'm leaving.

<Borsalino looked surprised, and saw Sengoku walk away. Borsalino saw him go, and felt a little sad. He was a good boss, even if he was annoying at times. Borsalino would miss him.>


<After 5 months since Sakazuki became boss, the world government made some weird thing with getting anyone who was tough. They needed admirals. With Borsalino being the only one, Borsalino looked at the one coming down the hall. Issho. He was some weirdo blind guy. Borsalino did hear he was a terrifying guy.>

Issho: Fleet admiral Sakazuki. I am honored to meet you. Yet... I ask what I am doing, meeting you?

<Sakazuki, was sitting on his chair, with scars all over his face. He looked at Issho, and growled.>

Sakazuki: I am going to be quick. All I can say... Is we need you, more then one hundred thousand marines.

Issho: That much?! I must say, I am nothing more then a blind, wandering swordsman. I can do nothing truly helpful.

Sakazuki: Yet... Sengoku spoke highly of you. Called you one of the most feared men he ever met. I want to know, how strong that is. I... Am weak though. I already fought an admiral earlier... You will meet them soon. Borsalino, will be your opponent.

<Sakazuki threw a hat at Borsalino, and Borsalino put it on.>

Borsalino: You have 5 minutes to grab this hat from my head. Don't be too terrifying mister Issho.

Issho: I will just say... I am only skilled in the blade.

<Issho unsheathed his sword, and Borsalino felt a hundred... No... Thousands of times heavier. Issho sprinted in an instant, but Borsalino was still light. He looked back at Issho, and smiled.>

Borsalino: Have you ever been hit by light?

Issho: I have not. I can sadly only see Darkness. I have heard about you... Pure light. You must live a wonderful life.

Borsalino: I don't. I can never slow down... And yet, that's all I want.

Issho: So we are both punished? A slow man, who hates speed, and yet is the fastest. I am a man who wants nothing but to see the light... But all I see is darkness. Indeed... The heavens punish us.

<Issho sheathed his sword, and pointed his finger at Borsalino. He pointed it up, and then down. Borsalino felt the ground around him go up and then down. Borsalino felt shaken up, but he smiled. He ran at Issho, and kicked him in the hip. Issho hit the wall, and Borsalino was smiling.>

Sakazuki: Don't break the new recruits! We need him... No way...

<Sakazuki, who was smoking, opened his mouth to have his cigarette fall. Borsalino looked at the sight, and even his eyes were open as long as they could. Issho was standing, and he slowly walked towards Borsalino.>

Sakazuki: So... This was the man that the previous Fleet admiral feared.

Issho: I will now take that hat.

<Issho sprinted as fast as he could, and grabbed the hat from Borsalino. Borsalino looked at Issho, and bowed.>

Borsalino: Thank you.

Issho: For what?

Borsalino: For making me enjoy something that I haven't for a long while.

<Borsalino walked away, and walked down the halls. He lost. Since he got the fruit, no one has defeated him. Not Sengoku, not Silver, not Marco, and even Whitebeard. Now... He lost. He needed to train. Become strong. Become someone rather scary. Maybe Justice was Confusing, maybe Borsalino was confusing, but he did know one thing. He was going to become stronger. Justice... Needs protecting more then ever. With Blackbeard, and Sakazuki... Justice may change, for the worst. Not as long as Borsalino is around, it won't.>