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<Borsalino was 42, and he was ordered to go to Fleet admirals Sengokus office. Man, being a vice admiral would have made Borsalino think he was going to do no real hard work, but now he was being ordered around even more. Walking in the office, he saw 3 men. Fleet admiral Sengoku, Admiral Sakazuki, and Admiral Kuzan. Those two, he almost never knew, only meeting them once or twice. The two looked at each other, and only snarled at each other. So they didn't like each other? Borsalino sat down, on a chair, that was on some round table. Sengoku, looked at Borsalino.>

Sengoku: Borsalino... Have you heard about the former admiral?

Borsalino: He was killed by a Yonkou, Kaido, I believe.

Sengoku: Yes, he was. Now... The marines are at an disadvantage... So I need a new admiral. Borsalino...

Borsalino: Me? Do I get to work less?

Sengoku: What?! Oh uh... Yes.

Sakazuki: Work less? Why would a self respecting marine want to work less?!

Kuzan: Maybe because he doesn't like some things he does.


Kuzan: Maybe questioning some are a good idea!

Sengoku: KUZAN! SAKAZUKI! WE AREN'T TALKING ABOUT PERSONAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS! We are having a new admiral. Do you want to be one?

Borsalino: Yes.

Sengoku: Then you must go through the test.

Borsalino: Test?

Sengoku: The admirals are the heroes, and the pillars of the marines... We don't need the weak taking it.

<Sengoku takes his coat, and shirt off, to reveal a muscular body, and he turns his hands into black, with Haki.>

Sengoku: If you can take my hat off, you can become an admiral.

<Sakazuki and Kuzan step back, with the huge room being the stage, between Sengoku, and Borsalino. Borsalino, smiling, runs at Sengoku, and knows with his speed, he grabbed Sengokus hat. He looks at his hand, and sees blood instead. He looks at Sengoku, smirking at him.>

Sengoku: Your fast, don't get me wrong, but... Your skill is lacking at best. You do know Haki, but I bet no one ever hurt you, since you got that fruit.

Borsalino: Nope. Your the first.

<Borsalino points at Ssngoku, and fires a laser at Sengoku. Sengoku, bites his tounge, at the searing pain, and feels another laser hit his chest, and then another. He feels two more, and nearly drops. He looks at Borsalino, and sprints at him, sweep kicking Borsalino, causing him to fall. Borsalino, dodges an axe kick, and is above Sengoku. Borsalino points both fingers at Sengoku, and fires multiple lasers at Sengoku. Sengoku, is struck, and Sengoku gets enraged, causing his arm to grow, and punch Borsalino in the chest, causing him to fly up, and hit the ceiling.>

Borsalino: What the...

Sengoku: It's made of Sea stone, so no canons, or devil fruits can destroy it. It also helps in my fight, now, you have 1 minute left Borsalino!

Borsalino: 1 minute? I have to say, with your strength, your scary~

<Borsalino suddenly is behind Sengoku, holding Sengokus hat.>

Borsalino: When you hit me, I decided to see if I could take you. I was wrong, I couldn't.

Sengoku: Liar... We both know the results.

Kuzan: What would the results be?

Sengoku: We would both be dead.

Sakazuki: Impressive, even I couldn't force Sengoku into submission.

Kuzan: I thought only Garp could.


Kuzan: Yep.

Sengoku: GARP! Oh, Borsalino, we need the admirals to know each other. You talk with these two. I need to punish Garp... Maybe I should eat his damn cookies, that should get him to cry...

<Sengoku walks out, and Borsalino sits down, looking at the two other admirals.>

Kuzan: You'll get your official admiral promotion from the Gorosei.

Borsalino: Official?

Sakazuki: This is just some test made up by Sengoku. I can't disagree, only the strong should be admirals.

Kuzan: I agree, but I think a good justice system works.

Sakazuki: Tell us Borsalino... What do you believe in?

Borsalino: Believe in? I don't know.

<Both Kuzan and Sakazuki look surprised by the comment.>

Kuzan: No justice system?

Borsalino: Yep.

Sakazuki: Then... Why are you a marine?

Borsalino: A pirate killed a friend.

Kuzan: So you hate pirates?

Borsalino: Nope. I have nothing against pirates.

Sakazuki: What? You have 'nothing against' pirates! THEN WHY ARE YOU A MARINE?!

Borsalino: Well, I felt bad about his death. When I could, I'll kill pirates.

Kuzan: You don't hate pirates... But you will kill them with the opportunity?

Borsalino: I think so.

Kuzan: That sounds confusing... Way more then Lazy justice.

Sakauzki: Not bad, I believe... Not like Absolute justice, but has some ties.

Borsalino: So, what about...Confusing justice? I like it.

Kuzan: Confusing justice?

Borsalino: The rules are confusing... But it is justice, nothingness.

Sakauzki: With that belief system... You don't go after pirates... But when you do... You never stop?

Borsalino: That is how I would work.

Sakazuki: Then... It is a strong system. But... It is still not absolute. I accept you... But I do not respect you.

<Sakazuki gets up, and walks out of the room. Kuzan, looking at him, and sneering, looks at Borsalino, and puts his hand out.>

Kuzan: I think the three of us will be... A strange trio, but at least we got each other's backs.

<Borsalino takes it, and shakes Kuzans hands.>

Borsalino: I think so too. Man... The admirals sure are scary~



<Sengoku is standing on a huge platform, with thousands of marines looking at him, and the three men behind him.>

Sengoku: AKAINU!

<Sakazuki, in his red suit, and marine coat, stands up to the huge crowd, and is frowning.>


Sengoku: AOKIJI!

<Kuzan, in his blue suit, and marine coat, stands up to the huge crowd, and has a bored look.>

Kuzan: Justice will be enforced, but only when we need too.

Sengoku: KIZARU!

<Borsalino, with his yellow suit, and wearing his marine coat, walks up with a smiling goofy look.>

Borsalino: We will enforce justice when... Is then den den mushi on?


Borsalino: Thank you. We will enforce justice when... Sakazuki, Kuzan, you have an idea for a speech?

<All the marines in the crowd fall, and Borsalino shrugs. Who cares? At least he would do his job. That's more then he used to do.>