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<Borsalino was 20, and he finally had a dream. He was going to leave this place. He was close too. He only had 20 points left, and he was going to do the last trade transaction. He has been working hard, so he could finally do something with his life. With Williams death, Borsalino find out something. Life is quick, just like light. He can't die, lazy, but he has to live. So, he decided to leave this place, and thanks to his light powers, he will leave with a good purse of Berri. With his light powers, he can move far faster then anyone, and he's been doing with trading with people all over the island. Today, he has to trade with some business workers. He was already there, surprising everyone there, and he traded with them, getting what he had to get, and going back to the factory. It was record speed, and he walked in the factory, seeing some kids. It was some other runners, and they all surpassed Borsalino in size, even with Borsalino being 6'11 feet tall. The head one, Noy, Borsalino thought, was walking up to Borsqlino.>

Noy: Thanks to you, all other runners were replaced. We know, that your leaving, so were going to give you a leaving present. Try leaving here with you legs intact.

<Noy, tried to punch Borsalino, but it went pass him. Borsalino, flicked him in the face, and sent him flying through the wall, and Noy was on the floor, screaming.>


<The others, ran away, and Borsalino went to the office room of Witz. Witz had a female worker, give him olives, and hoe looked at Borsalino.>

Borsalino: I'm done. Can I have my money now?

Witz: Well... No.

Borsalino: What?

Witz: Their is no money.

Borsalino: Your not giving me your money?

Witz: I never gave anyone any money, they were lucky I let them free anyway. Now, get out of here, I don't want to see your face.

Borsalino: Okay.

<Borsalino walks up to Witz, and kicks him in the face, having him been thrown across the building, destroying it.>

Borsalino: Sorry, I was just angry~

<Borsalino left the factory, and he was smiling. He was going away from the island.>


Borsalino was finally 27 years, and he has been doing 2 things. 1. He has been training in his fruit, learning more and more about his fruit. 2. Now, he finally knew what job he was going to work at. One that, if he did correctly, he would not have to work as hard, but still feel good. The marines. Now, he would capture pirates, for 10%, and do 90% anything else. He was inside a marine training facility, and one of them was some angry looking guy. He was some hawkish looking guy named Sakazuki. Sakazuki, looking at Borsalino, sneered, and Borsalino just looked at the marine instructor, named Sengoku. He was some vice admiral, but close to being an admiral.>

Sengoku: You 36 marines, will be new enforcers of justice! You will protect justice, and enforce it! Who will enforce justice now!

Sakazuki: I WILL SIR!

Borsalino: Me too, I think~

<Sakazuki, looking at Borsalino, and scowling, Borsalino only have him a big smile. He was sure those two would be good friends.>