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<Borsalino was finally 11. It had been two months since William left. Borsalino felt a little bad, he liked the kid, but now he was working for some big fancy shipping company. Borsalino, however, got his points to about 1,027,615. He was sitting in a corner, about to fall asleep, when he heard a guard scream at him.>

Guard 1: BORSALINO! 80 points for sleeping, and Mr. Witz wants you.

<Borsalino, yawning, got up, and went to the bosses office. It was down the ball, and the only place in the building that was clean and good looking. Borsalino opened the big marble doors, and saw Mr. Witz eating some olives. Mr. Witz looked at Borsalino, and frowned.>

Witz: Well, Borsalino... I wanted to talk to you for a while. You see... No one has ever gotten a million in the entire history of this factory. In fact, no one has even gotten 100,000. So, I have Ben thinking... What to do with you? I thought about killing you... But the things you make are strangely the best quality. If I hurt you, then you can't walk fast enough, or make things. So, how do I get to make you work? I decided... If you don't work, I'll take away points. You like this place? You like being lazy?

Borsalino: Yes.

Witz: Well, I have a good job. You do it, and I'll take a hundred points off. If you don't, I'll take away 100,000 points. You see, for every job you don't do, you get closed to freedom, but don't think I'll give you any money, if you planned this. Got it?!

<Borsalino thought the guy was an idiot, but nodded.>

Witz: I want you to run at the store in town, and get the bread. I need to feed you brats, or I lose this factory. Here, take this 10,000 Beli purse, but I know that is the amount to pay for the bread, so don't think about buying food. Got it?!

Borsalino: Yes sir.

Witz: Good, you got 1 hour. Hurry up.

<Borsalino took the purse, and was leaded out of the factory. He walked out of the huge factory doors, and saw outside in person. The air, the trees, the singing birds, the small stream. Boring~. But, Borsalino did what he was supposed to do, and walked to the town. He had walked out once, for a job like this, but he delayed on purpose, and got 2,000 points in return. So, he knew where the town was. He walked for a while, until he saw an old man looking at him. The old man wore ratty clothes, with ratty hair himself. He looked at Borsalino, and brought something out of his ratty cloth. A fruit. It was a banana with yellow stripes all over, that were brighter then lights. The old man, smiling, pointed at Borsalino and the fruit.>

Old man: Hey kid, you look hungry, I'll trade you this weird looking fruit for all you got. Got a deal?

<Borsalino, who hasn't eaten in days, saw food once again. He didn't think, and nodded. He gave the man the purse, and the man gave Borsalino the fruit. The man, checking the purse, and laughing to himself, while Borsalino went to the town. He took a bite out of the banana, and wanted to spit. Yet, he had to eat more. He finished the banana, and after half an hour, got to the store. It was huge, white, and had a big sign that said 'Bread company'. Borsalino walked in, and saw a old woman. She saw Borsalino, and looked shocked.>

Old women: Skin and bones...

<Borsalino, unaware of what he looked, was truly skinny, and any doctor would have told him he would die of hunger in less then a week. He smiled, though, and pointed at the huge bag of bread.>

Borsalino: Mr. Witz told me to get that bag, don't worry, I'll pay you...

Old women: NOT ONE BIT! I'll give you this for free young man, just make sure the other children eat it.

Borsalino: Okay, thank you. Oh, what time is it?

Old women: 10:35.

<Borsalino, remembering the offices clock said 9:50, was scared. He would never make it in time, even if he ran! But... He had to try, maybe he would save some points if he was close to time. Maybe Mr. Witz wouldn't notice! Borsalino ran as fast as he could, and he did. He ran faster then he could imagine. His speed was a yellow blur, and the Old women fell to the ground, seeing Borsalino disappear. In less then 5 seconds, Borsalino was back at the factory, holding the food. Borsalino, looking at the factory, was surprised. He went in, still, and want to the office. He went in, and Mr. Witz was surprised by the speed of Borsalino, not even his best runners got here this quickly, even carrying something half as heavy as that bag. Borsalino gave him the bag, and smiled.>

Borsalino: I get to have those points now?

Witz: Y...yes.

Borsalino: Thanks.

<Borsalino walked out of the office, and went to the dorm, where the kids slept. He was going to bed, it was early, but he deserved it. He saw, a bunch of the kids reading a newspaper, and Borsalino was intrigued.>

Borsalino: What is it?

Kid 1: B...Borsalino... William was an assistant at a ship... And it was raided by pirates. Borsalino... William is dead.