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<Sakazuki is 33, and a vice admiral. It is 8 hours since the Ohara incident. He has been praised by multiple vice admirals and admiral Sengoku for his actions. Sakauzki, is sure of what he did. When he keeps on walking down the hall, he feels someone grabbing his shoulder, and pushing him against the wall. He looks straight at the person, and see's it is Kuzan.>

Kuzan: You... Crazy bastard. You do a lot of shit... But...

Sakazuki: Kuzan, I know what I did was over excessive, but...


Sakazuki: I did what I had to do.

Kuzan: Did what you have to do... You know who else did what they had to do? Those scholars. They died for something they believed in, even if we say it was wrong. Would you do the same?

Sakazuki: Always.

<Kuzan looks at Sakazuki with disgust, and prepares a punch, but stops. He walks away, and over his shoulder, he say's one last thing to Sakazuki.>

Kuzan: Sakazuki... I want you to remember one thing. I hate you.

<Sakazuki looks at Kuzan walking away, and looks at the wall. Everyone else said Sakazuki did right... So why did Kuzan say it was wrong? No... Kuzan was weak. He was a good, strong marine, but he couldn't make those tough decisions. Kuzan... Garp... Marx... They were all good people... But they would never be able to destroy evil. Sakazuki walked to his office, in Marienford headquarters, and sat down in his desk. 10 minutes, after working, the Fleet admiral walked in, Kong. Sakazuki, looking at him, immediately got up, and saluted.>

Kong: Stop, sit down.

<Sakazuki did that, and Kong sat down in a chair next to to desk.>

Kong: Sakazuki... I've heard good things about you. Yet, until today, I never truly knew if you were the sort of person I need.

Sakazuki: Need sir?

Kong: Sakazuki. What do you think is the marines main sin?

<Sakazuki heard it, and thought about it. Major sin? What did he mean... Kuzan. Kuzan and people like Garp.>

Sakazuki: Weakness.

Kong: Exactly. Justice... That word is thrown around. What we need... Is something strong. Something absolute. A justice that is enforced. Sengoku, he is a great admiral, I want him to be the fleet admiral, when I get promoted.

Sakazuki: Promoted?

Kong: I'm not fleet admiral anymore. I'm the world commander now. You see, I'm the one who ordered the search on Ohara. I never liked the place. Now, the Gorosei, and I think.. You would make a great admiral.

Sakazuki: Admiral?

Kong: Congratulations on the promotion. I'm sure you will make a great fleet admiral one day.

<Kong walked out of the room, and Sakazuki looked at it. Admiral... He is so close now. Becoming... The enforcer of justice he always wanted. Yet... He...feels hollow. Why... The admirals are the greatest enforcers of justice. The world, even the most powerful of pirates, fear him. Yet... What Kuzan said. It troubled him. He looked at his tattoo, the one he got to remind him of Marx, and remembered everything Marx said. This struck Sakazuki like a train. Marx... Marx never wanted Sakazuki to be the son of a pirate. He wanted him to be a great enforcer of justice. Yet... Sakazuki feels as dirty as he was as a child. All those people, that he killed... Did they deserve death over a 'possibility'. It finally hit Sakazuki, once and for all. Sakazuki wasn't the enforcer of justice. He was just the son of a pirate, who hid behind 'justice' to kill people. Ohara. It was his proof. Hundreds of dead men, women, and children, and for what? Justice? To enforce justice? To defeat evil? Kuzan... Was he right? Was justice a shield? Was justice a sword? What is justice? Sakazuki wanted to burn down Marineford, and find answers in the rubble. Sakazuki just wanted to know. Maybe... Maybe justice was evil? Maybe... Justice is just the thing to stop evil. Maybe... The only way to kill evil... Was to use evil. Kuzan would never kill many pirates, only when necessary. Garp... He respected many pirates. Yet, Sengoku and Kong... They killed so many pirates. Killing Roger through Justice just caused the grand new age of pirates. So... Maybe true good... Was too weak. Evil. Justice is the perfect evil to destroy all other evil. The revelation caused Sakazuki to look at the window in his room, and look at Marineford at it's greatest. Justice... Justice is the sword, held by evil, to kill evil.>


<It is 2 years ago, and just a few days after the battle of Marineford. He is rubbing his wounds, and still felt pain from his defeat from Whitebeard. Is what he said true? Was One piece real? All Sakazuki knew though, that a new age was coming. The age of pirates... All over again. Sengoku... Sengoku is a good string leader... But he wasn't enough. He just wasn't enough. Sakazuki knew who was however. Kong and the Gorosei told him that he was. He was to fight, and kill Kuzan. His friend. His... Old friend. Sakazuki didn't want to, but it was the only way. Sakazuki has killed many pirates, and even marines, but he knew Kuzan. Kuzan may have hated Sakauzki, but Sakazuki still remembered his friendship of Kuzan. He still remembered Marx as well. Those two, they were so similar, and yet... Sakazuki was not. He was the same as his father, or the pirate who killed everyone at his village. He waited. He waited for the marine to open the door, and tell him to go to the ship. He was going to fight at Punk hazard, the perfect location for a fight. The island was already dead. He just waited, and looked at a picture, in a frame, he had on his desk. A marine opened the door.>

Marine: Fleet admiral Sakazuki, the straw hats have been spotted with Law... And warlord Doflamingo has been been reported to have resigned.

Sakazuki: I'll come.

<Sakazuki rubbed his beard, and got up. He let Kuzan go, and he didn't feel any regrets. He looked at the picture, he still had, and looked at it. It was the picture he took with Kuzan, from some reporter, over 25 years ago. He covered his face. He did hate having people watch him smile.>