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<Sakazuki walks down the halls of Marineford, 30 and promoted to read admiral. Sakazuki has been called in to meet with the hero of the marines, a man going after Roger. Garp. Sakazuki met him once, he thought the old man was a fool, and shouldn't even be a vide admiral. Yet, so many people respected him. Sakazuki entered Garp's office, and saw him eating cookies. The hero of the marines, eating cookies like a damn child, and yet everyone called him one of the best. Sakazuki would have insulted if he didn't know the man was also one of the strongest men in the marines. Sakazuki sat down in his chair, and listened to the old man's crunching of his food. This irritated Sakazuki to no end.>

Garp: mmmmf... So Sakazuki... Crunch... I decided to transfer you to my... Crunch... My squad.

Sakazuki: Sir?

Garp: Now now... I know... Crunch... You hate me. I'm an idiot, I look like a child.

Sakazuki: Yes. I do think so.

Garp: Hmm... <Garp looks at the corner> I wasn't really honest. I just wanted to look cool. Now... I have a friend in my squad that might like you. I heard you have magma power. He has ice powers. Now, you two should be good with each other. Crunch!

Sakazuki: Sir... I will be honored to work with the hero of the marines.

<Sakazuki walks out of the room, and hears Garp still eating his cookies. Sakazuki thought about the new squad, and the 'ice man'. He has heard of him, Kuzan. What was he like?>


<Sakazuki, Garp, Kuzan, and Saul are on a ship, going after Roger's ship. Yet, they lost him. Garp was ranting at the captain of the ship, who was himself, for losing Garp. Saul was laughing and crying. Meanwhile, Sakauzki was writing the report of what happened. Kuzan sat down next to Sakazuki, who was sitting on a box.>

Kuzan: Are you really writing a report?

Sakazuki: Yes. Fleet admiral Kong has to know we didn't catch the bastrad.

Kuzan: Bastard? He's a pirate, but he never harmed anyone. For a pirate, he's okay... I guess. Even Garp likes him.

Sakazuki: What? Are you defending a pirate?

Kuzan: Well, no... But you have to admit.

Sakauzki: I don't care. He is a pirate. If anyone dares... Commit that damn sin, they should just be killed by an enforcer of justice.

Kuzan: Who? You?

Sakauzki: Yes.

<Kuzan looks at Sakazuki, and laughs.>

Sakazuki: Are you laughing at me?!

Kuzan: No, what you said. 'Enforce justice?' You make it sound like Justice is a blade. It's a shield, buddy.

<Kuzan walks away, and Sakazuki just looks at him.>


<It is a week later, and the marine ship is attacking a pirate ship.>


<We seem Shakky, looking the same as she looks, but wearing a sexy pirate captain outfit.>

Shakky: Sorry, Garp, but this will end with me getting away.

Garp: Oh yeah... KUZAN! GO!

Kuzan: Got it!

<Kuzan touches part of the marine ship, and causes ice to go to the marine boat, over the water.>


Shakky: Well... Looks like I have to do that earlier.

Sakazuki: I got this.

<Sakazuki turns his arm into lava.>

Garp: What are you doing?

Sakazuki: Killing pirates.


Sakazuki: She is a pirate. I will eliminate her.

Garp: Oh yeah...

<Garp runs to the opposite side of the boat, and runs at the pirate boat, jumping into the air, and getting on the Boat.>

Garp: NOW WHAT?!

Shakky: This.

<She grabs a small boat, and throws it in a huge distance. With a huge treasure bag, she does the same thing Garl did, and jumps on the small boat. With all the pirates and Garp looking at Shakky, Shakky waves at Garp.>

Shakky: We had fun, but this is the last time we meet Garp. BYE BYE GARP, I'M NOT SOME IDIOT LIKE TEH OTHER PIRATES YOU CAUGHT!


<Garp beats up all the pirates.>

Garp: You were a good hunt Shakky, not much people were as good as you.


Reporter: So you didn't catch Captain Shakky?

Garp: NOPE!

<A group of reporters surround the marine squad and Garp, while Sakazuki and Kuzan are walking away.>

Sakazuki: So, the idiot stopped me from killing the pirates.

Kuzan: Well, I just catch them. Sakazuki, why do you kill so many pirates?

Sakazuki: Why not? Their evil. Evil must be stopped... Or else innocent people get killed.

<The two keep on walking, and Kuzan stops.>

Kuzan: My parents were killed by pirates.

Sakazuki: I didn't know.

Kuzan: I know what happened to you. We have something's in common.

Sakazuki: No we don't.

Kuzan: Our parents were killed by pirates. We killed them. We both support justice. But I try it differently. You see, I let one of them live. He told me, that his parents were killed by pirates. So why does a man become a pirate? Being a pirate seems to have so many reasons. Garp told me that he thought Roger did it because he loved being one

Sakazuki: Why would a pirate love being one?

Kuzan: I don't know. Traveling the ocean, and discovering treasure... Sounds fun. Better then filling reports I say. But, someone has to defend justice. I thought of defending justice. You Sakazuki, seem to be a person who forgot that justice needs to be defended.

Sakazuki: Well then, Kuzan, why would a weapon like justice need to be defended?

Kuzan: Sometimes people use's a weapon so much, they forget it rusts.

<Sakauzki looks at Kuzan, and looks away.>

Sakazuki: I'm suprised.

Kuzan: Of what?

Sakazuki: You're smart. I thought you were a complete idiot.

Reporter: Hey, can I take a picture of the two men called the face of the next generation?

<Sakazuki starts to say no, but Kuzan places his arm over Sakazuki's shoulder, and gives a peace symbol to the reporter.>

Kuzan: Totally!

Reporter: Smile!

<The reporter takes the picture, with Kuzan grinning, and Sakauzki covering his face with his cap.>