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Justice of the red dog: Part 3

Nobody700 February 1, 2014 User blog:Nobody700

<We see on a marine boat, sailing on the west blue, Sakazuki, who is now 25, is a captain now, and he is checking on marine recruits. His superior, a man who has black hair and a black beard, wearing the marine coat, is with another marine, looking at Sakazuki.>

Marine 1: Man, 2 years at the marines, and he becomes a captain. It's even being said he'll be a commodore in a month. That guy is a monster.

Marine captain: Glad he's on our side.

<A den den mushi calls in the captains office, and The marine captain walks in. He comes out in 5 minutes, extremely pale, and looks at Sakazuki>

Marine captain: S...Sakazuki...

Sakazuki: Yes sir?

Marine captain: Come... Come in. I have to tell you... Something.

<Sakazuki enters the office, and looks at the marine captain. The marine captain slowly looks up at Sakazuki, and gulps.>

Marine captain: Sakazuki... The village known as 'Dog village'... Is gone. Sakazuki... Your home village was destroyed by pirates.

<Sakazuki looks at Cancer, and looks shell shocked.>


<The marine ship is at the destroyed village. All the previous buildings, are tinder or full of holes. Sakazuki walks across the roads, and looking completely shocked. He walks up to the police station he worked at. It is completely torn up, and is nearly falling down. He walks in, and ignores the dead cops. He walks in, to the main room, and sees a few dead pirates. On the floor, he sees... A dead Marx. Sakazuki looks at Marx, and bends down. He grabs Marx, and lifts him in his arms. He falls on his knees... And cries. The man who raised him... The man he considered his true father... Is dead. Sakazuki looks at his chest, and sees Marx's blue flower he has pinned on his chest. It reminded Sakazuki the day he considered Marx his father.>


<Sakazuki is shown as a young child, who is walking in the police station. He scowls at the police officers, and looks at Marx. Marx looks at Sakazuki, and crouches, smiling. Sakazuki gives him the flower.>

Sakazuki: I found this flower, it was in my room. I heard you like flowers. I just thought about taking this thing out of my room, and decided to give it to you.

Marx: Thank you Sakazuki.

<He grabs it, and pins it on his shirt. He smiles, and looks at Sakazuki's hat, that says Justice.>

Marx: When did you get that?

Sakazuki: Well... Since you talked to me... I guess.

Marx: I like it.

Sakazuki: Thanks... I guess.


<Sakazuki is still crying, looking at Marx's corpse. The marine leader walks up to Sakazuki, and places his hand on Sakazuki's shoulder.>

Marine captain: Don't worry... We'll catch these criminals.

Sakazuki: I... I will enforce justice...

Marine captain: What?

<Sakazuki's face has turned from complete sorrow, to complete hate and disgust.>



<It is a week after the attack, and we see a pirate boat. The captain, who is a fat man with a typical pirate clothing, looking at a devil fruit.>

Pirate captain: Man... That cargo ship yesterday had this little prize. I wonder... Is it a good one? Should I sell it? So many guesses. Heh heh heh, I finally hit the jack pot, after that lackluster attack a week ago. I should...

<He feels a shake, and gets out of his office. He sees the pirate boat is being attacked by marine cannon balls, and he looks up, to see Sakazuki, who is looking at complete disgust at him.>

Sakazuki: Are you the captain?

Pirate captain: Who the hell are you?


Pirate captain: Yeah.

<He grabs a gun, and points it at Sakazuki. Sakazuki grabs the pirates hand, and breaks it. The pirate drops his gun, and Sakazuki punches him in the face, sending him flying in the room. The pirate looks at his devil fruit, and grabs it with his other hand. Before he could eat it, Sakazuki grabs it from him, and kicks the pirate in the face.>

Sakazuki: I've heard of these. Devil fruits. Their very rare.

Pirate captain: GIVE IT BACK!

Sakazuki: I want a lot of things back from you. This will barely make up for it.

<Sakazuki eats a huge chunk of it, and the pirate captain looks devastated.>

Pirate captain: NO! I was going to use that... To become famous...

Sakazuki: Let's see what this can do...

<He grabs the pirate captain by the face, and lifts him up. Sakazuki feels his hand burn up, and the pirate captain's face starts to burn as well.>


Sakazuki: Evil... Must be... Destroyed!


<It cuts back to all the pirates all tied up, and they are scared by all the screams.>

Pirate 1: Isn't the captain in there?

Pirate 2: Please... I'm sorry... Don't kill me!

Marine captain: You are all being sent to impel down. You will go through hell, before you die. Then you get to meet the real hell.

Sakazuki: No. They won't be going to Impel down.

<We see Sakazuki with his arm engulfed in Lava, and he looks at scorn at the pirates. With his arm, he punches a pirate, instantly killing him. All the other pirates start panicking. Sakazuki walks up to one of the pirates.>


Sakazuki: Why shouldn't I? Your wife married a pirate. Your children will always be remembered as the children of evil. Your death will help them more then you ever would have alive.

Pirate 1: NO! PLEASE...

<Sakazuki punches him, burning off his face, and he starts to attack all the other pirates.>


Marine captain: No. He won't listen to me. He's far too angry. Besides... I don't think we can stop him.

<Sakazuki stops, and stands over scorched corpses. He looks at the marine.>

Sakazuki: What I did... Was exterminate evil. I am Sakazuki... The enforcer of justice. Let this day be remembered... That justice is not good or kind... But at the weapon against evil.

<Sakazuki walks past the marines, and jumps on one of the small boats. All the marines look at Sakazuki, terrified. On the boat, we see Sakazuki looks at the flower. He touches it, and silently cries to himself. He did it. He enforced justice. He isn't like his father anymore. He only wished Marx was alive, so he could be proud of Sakazuki.>

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