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I am about to answer a question every super famous series needs to be asked once in awhile. Is one piece truly the best manga ever? Or is it just overhyped like Naruto or Ichigo?


Well... Here is my opinion. I have a lot of different bests. One piece is my favorite, number 1, but I personally I like the story of HXH better (which, I think is a LOT better then Yu Yu Hakusho, which was still super awesome), and I like the code geass anime more then the one piece anime (which is evidently a lot worse now for some reason) and their is some good opponent for one piece now, like TORIKO, or... Hmm... Okay, Toriko is the only current Jump series that is famous and nearly as awesome as One piece. Tons of awesome series, but... Yeah.

What do you think? Is one piece one of the best Mangas ever created, or is it just as bad as Fairy tail... Nah. How about, a little over hyped? Fairy tail is in another league. A bad league. If one piece isn't your favorite or the best, what do you think is?

Warning: Only Anime or Manga. No wester stuff. China and Korea count though. If only for god of Highschool or tower if god (Heard of them, but never read them... And is all popular Korea series have 'God' in the title?)