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How different is oars?

Nobody700 January 8, 2014 User blog:Nobody700

So, as fans know, we have GIANTS! We have giants from Elbaf, and other known locations. But one giant that stands out, besides Sanjuan, is Oars. What makes Oars stand out is not just his size, but his appearance. He didn't look like, a giant human, but a demon. His grandson, Oars JR has the same same appearance, as well. Now, at Punk hazard, the crew saw a skull that was bigger then a giant, and it looked different then a normal skull. We have mentions of a group if 'evil giants' who came from out of Elbaf, which Oda himself stated. So, is their a different group of giants? Will they play an important part in the series? Is oars the biggest, or is Oars JR actually little compared to them? What do you think? Also... What's with Sanjuan? Did he eat giants?

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