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Chapter prediction 738

Nobody700 February 9, 2014 User blog:Nobody700

<Cover: Ussop and a bunch of elephants juggle red rubber balls>

Page 1:

<Pica is crushing the group, and he feels his hands gets crushed. When they fall apart, Luffy is punching all the walls. Luffy looks at Pica, and goes gear 2nd.>

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... Jet Bazooka!

<Luffy smashes at Pica's chest, crushing his body. Pica roars, and regains his body, and part of the castle goes into him.>

Violet: Be careful, he's not a logia, because he needs stone.

Zoro: So, as long as this castle is hear, he can regenerate.

Violet: Yes.

Page 2:

Zoro: Luffy! Go! I'll take him.

Violet: What?

Luffy: Okay.

Violet: We have to help him!

<Luffy grabs Violet, and starts to run.>

Luffy: Point the way!

<Zoro puts on his bandana, and goes Into his 3 sword style.>

Zoro: So, all I have to do is cut up this entire castle. This should be easy.

Page 3:

<At the Coliseum, Burgess and Sabo are punching at each other, while Rebecca dodges another fish. Bartolomeo is standing close to Dimante.>

Dimante: Out of my way.

Bartolomeo: I'm going to protect Lucy Senpai!

<Dimante grabs an axe, that he covers inside his cape, and turns it into a flag, and makes it a giant punching glove, with sharp edges.>


<Dimante punches the wall, and the boxing glove breaks.>


Page 4:

Dimante: Well, I can break it.

<Dimante turns his hand black, and breaks the shield with one punch.>

Dimante: Once you enter the New world, that 'unbreakable' shield turns into garbage.

Bartolomeo: No way... You broke it... IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR?!

<Dimante looks suprised, and sees multiple shields surround him, and they all crush him.>

Bartolomeo: You think your the first guy with Haki I fought?

Page 5:

Dimante: Garbabe.

<Dimante is okay, and he is wiping away blood from his lips.>

Bartolomeo: Well then, let's go.

<Cuts to Franky battling Senor pink.>

Machisve: Alright marines, I'll kick your ass!

Marine officer: What?

Machisve: I'll defeat you first? Then I get the invader!

Page 6:

<Franky punches Senor pink, and Senor flys into Machisve's stomach.>

Senor pink: You idiot. These guys are our allies. You are going to work with them. THEY HELP US, WE HELP THEM! THATS THE CODE!

Machisve: O...okay Senor.

Marine 1: Wow! That baby man is cool.

Machisve: Okay, cyborg Franky, let's go.

<Machisve expands, and then jumps. He floats in the air, and deflates, falling into Franky. Franky punches Machisve in the stomach.>

Franky: <In mind> This guy... He's tough.

Machisve: Let's see who goes out first?

Page 7:

<Cuts into Doflamingo's headquarters. He is looking at Issho, checking in on him.>

Issho: Do you hear that?

Doflamingo: Hear what?

<Doflamingo listens, and hears clapping wood. The wall is torn in half, and he see's Kine'mon.>

Kine'mon: I am hear to avenge my humiliating defeat.

Doflamingo: Why, isn't it the samurai.

Kine'mon: Challenge me! Here and now!

Page 8:

<Issho walks up, and gets in between Doflamingo and Kine'mon.>

Issho: I despise it... But I still must protect him.

Kine'mon: Yes... You are tough. I will defeat you first then!

<Kine'mon pauses, and blue fire surrounds his sword.>

Doflamingo: So the rumors about Wano are true...

<Kine'mon slashes at Issho, and Issho blocks it with his sword. But then, Issho's sword burst's into blue flame.>

Page 9:

Kine'mon: Impossible, only a being with a soul can be affected...

Issho: So it seems that a devil fruit might have a soul.

<Issho slashes at Kine'mon, and Kine'mon falls into a giant hole.>

Doflamingo: Hey, one of my subordinates need's that.

Issho: I'm sorry, I didn't know.

<Issho walks away, and suddenly turns around, blocking another slash from Kine'mon.>

Page 10:

Kine'mon: Do not walk away from me!

Issho: I am sorry. I'll be more serious now.

(Cuts to the officer tower, and Leo is walking with the spicy olive.>

Dwarf 1: Now!

Ussop: QUIET!

<One of the dwarfs throw a small rock, and both Sugar and Trebol look at the source of the noise. Leo throws the spicy olive with the others, and runs back with the others.>

Page 11:

Leo: COMPLETE SUCESS! Now we wait.

Ussop: Be silent.

<Sugar starts to eat another olive, and another, and another again. When she is about to grab the spicy olive, Trebol looks at them.>

Trebol: Can I have one?


Dwarf 2: OH NO!


Page 12:

Sugar: No.

<She grabs the olive, and eats it.>


Sugar: Jerk. Wanting to eat my olives... S...SPICY!

Trebol: What?

<Sugar is crying, and she is holding her mouth.>


Page 13:

Ussop: Why isn't she out yet?

Leo: She's big. It should take... 3 minutes.

Ussop: 3 MINUTES!

Trebol: I'll get water!

Leo: Now... We have to stop him.

Ussop: Well... How tough is he?

Leo: Well, when we said the gladiators in the office were tough... This guy is super strong, he's at a different level.

Page 14:

Ussop: You want me to stop him?

Leo: Just for 3 minutes, but you can take him sir. Like how you took down Crocodile, of the warlords.

<Robin stares at Ussop, and Ussop just laughed.>

Ussop: Yeah, let's take him down Robin.

Robin: Okay.

<Robin uses her ability to grab the running Trebol, and he trips.>

Page 15:

Robin: Let's go long nose.

Ussop: Ahh!

<Trebol gets up, and is extremely angry.>


<He grabs parts of him, and throw them everywhere with a wall. The walls get sticky.>


Robin: Here.

<Robin Is behind him, and grabs his back. She snaps his back.>

Page 16:

Trebol: You think that will hurt me?

<Trebol absorbs the Robin clone, onto his back, and he gets up.>

Trebol: So... Nico Robin. I heard what you can do. Where are you now? For real?

<Trebol gets grabbed from a giant hand, and he is thrown across the room. Another arm grabs him, and throws him down. Trebol gets up, and growls.>

Trebol: Come out!

Page 17:

<Another giant hand comes from behind, and slaps his head off. Trebol regenerates it.>

Trebol: You think that hurts?

<A giant hand goes threw Trebol, and Trebol connects back to his legs.>

Trebol: Why do this... Sugar... I HAVE TO GET THE WATER!

<Trebol gets smacked in the face with a barrel of water, and he is drenched.>

Trebol: Uhh oh...

Page 18:

<Hands all across the room slap Trebol around, and a leg smacks him in the back, and he falls down.>

Ussop: That was...

Leo: S...scary...

Robin: What's wrong?

All the dwarfs: NOTHING!

<Trebol suddenly gets up, and he looks completely furious.>

Page 19:


Sugar: WATER!

<Sugar: Time to unconscious: 2 minutes, 8 seconds.>

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