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Chapter prediction 721

Nobody700 September 8, 2013 User blog:Nobody700

Cover story: <The caribou group are on the ground> We lost!

Page 1:

Luffy: Hmm... I don't understand what's going on... but I know what to do!

<Luffy runs away>

Prisoner 1: Where did he go?

Prisoner 2: Maybe he decided to fight for us?

Prisoner 3: Don't be stupid... only Rebbeca would do that.

Rebbeca: He's... theres something... I don't know.

Prisoner 1: Rebbeca! You have to hurry to the D block!

Page 2:

Rebbeca: I will only lose... but... I need to win for everyone.

<Rebbeca starts to walk away, putting on armor>

Prisoner 2: Rebbeca... survive.

Gatz: The tournament ring is okay!

Page 3:

Cavendish: You idiots! LUFFY LEFT!

Bartolomeo: Now that he's gone... I CAN PROTECT HIM!

<Bartolomeo makes barriers everywhere>

Chianjao: Luffy sama must live to train my idiot sons!

<Don Chianjao gets ready>

Page 4:

Cavendish: I must be unscratched... the audience must see me for what I am!

<Cavendish gets his sword out in a fencing matter>

Gladiator 1: What is that?

Gladiator 2: Oh my god... its...

<Cavendish strikes everyone with a apperance of a white horse striking everyone>

Page 5:


<Everyone but Chainjao and Bartolomeo are thrown at the walls>

Chianjao (In head): What the hell... that attack... it cut me

Bartolomeo (In head): If that attack hit me... I might have fallen.

Cavendish: It seems you two deserve your reputation. But...

Page 6:

???: Haven't you heard? 

Cavendish: Where are you Logan!?

<A short man with a giant face rolled behind Cavendish and started to hug him>

Rolling Logan: I just wanted to see you on the ring!

Cavendish: Yes, I remember you... you used to be a  bounty hunter.

Rolling Logan: Yeah, but pay here is better.

Page 7:

Cavendish: To see the only person to ever nearly capture me... now a captain for this country.

Rolling Logan: To see the only person to ever escape me... feuding with other pirates.

Cavendish: I will kill you

Rolling Logan: As they say, dead man walking.

Page 8:

Brook: I've transformed to a dead man, to a art man!


<Brook, nami, chopper, and Momonosuke transform back to there old selfs>

Jora: I mean... I am beatiful heh heh heh

Nami: Thats it! If she gets angry, her powers are nullified!

Jora: Happy Happy Happy

Page 9:



Nami: Make her angry!

Brook: I don't want to see your panties!

Nami: You stink!

Momonosuke: You are below the garbage of a peasant cow!

Jora: WHY... YOU...

Page 10:

Nami: Climate Tempo: Thunder storm!

<The attack hits Jora and knocks her out>

Nami: Well... that was easy.

Brook: Yeah! 

Chopper: Wait... what about Green bit?

Page 11:

Nami: Yeah, Law said bring the ship there... but what does he mean by that?

Brook: He needs our help!

Nami: How can be help? We are nowehere near that level.

???: True, true, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun.


Page 12: 

Law: I need... to...

Donquixtoe: Oh Law... just give up! I win! Again! EVERYTIME WE FIGHT, I WOULD BE THE VICTOR!

Law: I... I'd admit... I am weaker then you...

Donquixtoe: Then why fight?

Law: Easy... he will help.

Page 13:

Donquixtoe: He will help?

Law: L...Luffy.

Donquixtoe: HIM?! You are hoing to lean on him? Even if he somehow wins the Tournament, Dimante will kill him! Dimante has won over a thousand matches! He is even stronger then that fool Kyros who opposed me! You think he can beat him?!

Law: If... anyone can... then that idiot will!

Page 14:

Bellamy: Luffy? 

Luffy: Move

Bellamy: What are you going to do?

<Luffy starts to walk past Bellamy>

Bellamy: No... even you wouldn't...

<Bellamy remembers Luffy punching him>

Page 15: 

Bellamy (In head): He will... What can I DO?

<Bellamy remembers what Dimante told him to do... Kill luffy>

Bellamy: Luffy... one question!

<Luffy turns around>

Luffy: Yes?

Bellamy: Did they abandon you?

Page 16:

Luffy: No

<Luffy walks past him with Bellamy standing>

~2 years ago~

Sarkies: BOSS!

<Bellamy has a huge scar on his face>

Page 17:

Bellamy: We... need to gain his favor again... Were going to skypeia!

Sarkies: What do you mean?

Bellamy: Its crazy... but its the only way!

Sarkies: But its... ITS A FAIRY TALE YOU IDIOT!


Page 18:

Sarkies: You... you and that Luffy are no diffrent! 

Bellamy: I'm like him... that does't sound so bad.


Bellamy: Luffy... I can't win... But... take Donquixtoe down like you did to me!

Page 19:

Dimante: What are you doing here?

Luffy: I'm going to kick you're ass.

<Luffy punches Dimante>


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