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I haven't done a review in a while, so strap on people, it's time to party like it's 121!

The cover is actually one of my favorites, sparking an old Japanese art looking style, which makes sense cause Wano is coming in soon. Now, did Oda draw that? Or a friend?

Well, Jack and the douche patrol attack a defenseless elephant for it's ivory or to kill a lot of people, I forgot, I'm too busy wondering why Luffy's and Momo's head aren't exploding when a giant elephant is screaming at them. Oh yeah! Mono can hear the voices. Great, now he's going to have to explain how animals are telling him to kill. So, Jack and his crew say ZUNISHA is a half dead relic, which is kind of mean, And racist to half dead relics.

ZUNISHA reveals he used to be a drug dealer or something because he committed a crime, and was forced to walk. Great, the Mink tribe is now basically Australia. Except in reverse. ZUNISHA begs to kick ass, and Momo listens, and tell him to do so.

Would it be Luffy? Zoro? The Mink Tribe? Everyone? Shanks? Goku? No! The one to defeat Jack was A GIANT ELEPHANT DRUG DEALER! One piece: If it's not on crack, then it's a masterpiece.

Meanwhile, Apoo's den den mushi is revealed to have horns, and telling that Jack is gone. Hmm...

This chapter was short... But Zunisha is a badass! I give it a 9.1, just for the epic climax. That the anime will ruin. Somehow.

Is Jack dead? Is Apoo a member of Kaidou's army? Will Luffy save Sanji? Will Wano basically be a love letter to Ruroni Kensi! Will the wedding be a white wedding, or a red wedding? Will Goku save his universe from a fat cat? Will I ever finish binge watching Gillmore Girls? STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE OF, NOBODY Z!