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Chapter 801 prediction

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Cover story: Two snow mounds explode.

Page 1:

<The entire grand fleet are still partying, with Luffy eating meat.>

Luffy: So... Trafalaw... Where is your crew?

Law: Zo! I said that three days ago.

Luffy: Felt like forever. But wait... I'm forgetting something...

<A cannon ball whizzes past Luffy's head, and Luffy looks. A large battleship with cannons surrounding it, covered in candy, was closing in. Luffy's eyes became stars.>

Luffy: CANDY!

Law: No, I know him anywhere. One of Big Mom's elite enforcers... Capone Bege.

Page 2:

<Capone Bege stands on the mast, with his chest covered in small cannons. 'Big Mom Executive: Capone 'Gang' Bege. Bounty: 265 million berri.>

Capone Bege: Surrender now Strawhat! Hand over Clown, and we'll let you go!

Law: Luffy, don't let him know that we...

Luffy: We don't have him!


<Sai was tipsy, and saw Bege. He grabbed his pole arm, and pointed it at Bege.>

Sai: So... You wanna my beer... You can't have it...

Boo: Bro can't handle his alcohol. He's the biggest lightweight in our kingdom. Course, he also becomes...

<Sai throws the spear, and Bege slightly dodges it.>

Page 3:

Bege: So is that how you want to go? Well... You're surrounded.

Orlumbus: Yeah right! We have over 5,000 thousand pirates!

Bege: Only 5,000? Personally, Big Mom has 250,000 pirates. In terms of military size, she dwarfs every pirate in the New world combined. Inside of me alone, I have over 2,000 pirates, and 4,000 pirates in the ship's surrounding you.

Cavendish: He's right...

<Ships begin to appear everywhere, and the alliance preps up.>

Bege: So if you don't have him, who does?

Page 4:

Luffy: My crew mates.

Bege: I notice Zoro stands next to you, along with Law... So why hand one of the most important men in the New world in the hands of incompetent lackeys?

Luffy: What did you say?


<From Bartolomeo's ship, a large reindeer like monster jumps from the ship, and lunges at Capone. Chopper Jr. Roars, and Capone snaps his finger. A cannon ball smashes into Chopper Jr. Chopper Jr. Falls down, unconscious, and Bartolomeo panics.>

Bartolomeo: CHOPPER JR!

Bege: Dosgusting beast.

Page 5:

<One ship explodes, and Orlumbus notices it.>


Hardujan: I GOT IT!

<Hardujan swims after the stragglers, and Orlumbus is enraged.>


<Orlumbus jumps at Bege, and heads toward him. A mafia goon strikes at Orlumbus.>

Page 6:

Goon: The name's Vito, and I'm one of Beges elite warriors.

<The goon grabs a baton, and begins to whack Orlumbus. A large ship has its cannons pointed at one of Orlumbus ships. Robin lifts her arms, and giant arms begin to smash it.>


Bege: I knew it... She is one of the deadlier members of the Strawhats, I should have considered her on Super rookie level.

<Bege aims his pistol at Robin, and fires. Bartolomeo blocks the bullet, which almost hits Robin.>

Page 7:

Bege: Damn... Almost killed her.

Ussop: To nearly hit someone from this distance with a pistol?! Even rifles don't have this range!

Law: I should have known... Bege became an executive of Big Mom when he handed an entire island to her. He's easily on our level.

Leo: No way, he's a coward who attacks from afar! I'll show you!

<Leo jumps on Ideo's hand.>

Leo: Throw me!

Ideo: Okay.

Page 8:

<Ideo throws Leo, who destroys the mast of Bege's ship. Bege begins to fall and Leo jumps on debris.>


Bege: A dwarf? You sent a dwarf to kill me? You're looking down on me too much.

<Bege backhands Leo to the bottom of the ship. Bege hits the ship, and notices Orlumbus whips Vito onto the ground.>

Bege: Orlumbus, 'The massacre' explorer... Easily worth 305 million berri... I've been wondering if we would face you. To think you would be so pathetic as to follow Luffy.

Orlumbus: He saved me from Doflamingo! I'll follow him to my death!

Bege: I like that concept.

Page 9:

<Bege roundhouse kicks Orlumbus, snapping his arm. Orlumbus screams, and Bege pounds Orlumbus into the ground with the butt of his gun.>

Bege: So this is the 'Massacre explorer'... The man who was out to discover every island in the world... Defeated so easily. Course, you also lied.

Orlumbus: Shut up...

Bege: I wonder... One day, you'll be known as the liar Orlumbus, just like Noland.

Leo: Take... That back...

<Leo begins to stand up, and Bege notices the two standing.>

Bege: Well, it seems you two have a death...

Page 10:

<Two giant arms appear on the ship, and they smash Bege.>

Robin: I hate arrogant men.

<She notices something, and the two arms are lifted up by Bege, who is pushing them up.>

Bege: You guys are posing me off... Quit underestimating me.

<Bege's stomach opens, and someone comes out. He jumps out, and begins to grow, revealing himself as a Wotan. He is a orca, who licks his teeth.>

Orca: Call me Carlone... And I'm Bege's first mate. Now, it's time for me to...

Page 11:

<A giant arm smashes Carlone, and Hardujan is holding on the ship, growling.>

Hardujan: It's time for me to teach you a lesson.

Bege: Hardujan... Bounty of 410 million... You're trying to be king of Elbaf? Even with the country gone?

Hardujan: SHUT UP!

<Bege lifts his arm, and a hole opens. A giant cannon ball comes out, smashing into Hardujan's face. Hardujan falls, and Bege smirks.>

Bege: All I do is wipe you guys out... Who else is next?

Page 12:

Luffy: ME!

<Luffy is in Gear two, and smashes Bege in the chest. Bege spits out blood, and is pushed back. Carlone begins to get up, rubbing his head.>

Carlone: What in the world...

<Luffy smashes his feet on Carlone, causing Carlone to fall down unconscious.>

Luffy: I don't care if your a member of Big Mom or an executive or whatever, you're hurting my crewmates!

Page 13:

<Bege rubs his stomach, and growls.>

Bege: You are the guy who beat Doflamingo... So I should know you're rather strong. But let me tell you, right behind me is none other then Ringo.

<Law is shocked, and grips his blade.>

Law: Damn it...

Cavendish: Ringo... One of Bog Mom's most elite warriors... I heard he destroyed thirty New world crews at the same time... His bounty is even bigger then Chinjaos.

Chinjao: I faced him once in my prime, and he nearly beat me. If we work together, we may be able too...

Page 14:

<One ship is suddenly cut in half, and it begins to sink. Bege begins to sweat.>

Bege: That... That was Ringo's ship...

<A small ship, with three men come towards the main fight. The head man is sitting on a blanket, and is holding a katana. He only has one arm, has a stitched up mouth, and has a hairstyle similar to Kine'mon. He is wearing an orange kimono, with a sun pattern. His has his face covered in scars, and huffs. Kine'mon notices him, and grips his blade.>

Kine'mon: That man... THAT TRAITOR! JINTO!

<Nearky everyone on the two ships begins to sweat, and Chinjao looks fearful.>

Page 15:

Chinjao: That man... He's one of Kaido's...

Law: Easily worth 610 million...

Ideo: The White blade...

Jinto: <Muffled noise>

<Jinto jumps up, and is on the ship with Luffy and Bege. Jinto 'The White blade'. Bounty: 610 million berri. Kaido Empire: The Apocolypse 9 member.>

Bege: Oh...

Page 16:

<Jinto slashes Bege, and Bege falls down. Luffy is shocked, and tries to punch Jinto, but Law uses room on everyone, and puts them back on the ship.>

Law: Leave him alone Luffy!

Luffy: Why? We can take him!

Law: No... That man... He's stronger then Doflamingo!

<Jinto is on the ship, suddenly, and he points his blade at Luffy. The stitchings begin to remove, and Jinto speaks.>

Jinto: Monkey D. Luffy... I have word from Kaido... He wants you to join us. If you don't accept... Then your friends on Zo will die.

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