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Cover story: A mysterious shadow comes upon them.

Page one:

<Don Chinjao jumps ahead, and is behind Gladius.>

Don Chinjao: Ripple Buster!

<He spams his palm against Gladius, but Gladius blocks it with his foot, on Chinjao's palm.>

Gladius: This is it? The famed Don Chinjao, with a bounty of 510 million Beli? I don't even have a bounty, and yet you aren't even at my level.

<His leg expands, and it explodes, sending Chinjao flying. Boo, looks at it, and is shocked.>



<Boo, looks to it, and blocks his head, but Hardujan grabs Machisve, and throws him in the air, like a foot ball.>


Page 2:

<Hardujan, turns around, and Lao G turns his hand into a G, and jumps towards Hardujan, slamming his foot against Hardujan's stomach. Hardujan spits up blood, and hits the ground, slamming onto a dozen Donquixtoe Pirates. Boo, angry jumps to Lao G, angry.>


Lao G: Respect your elders, brat.

<Lao G is above Boo, and kicks him onto the ground. Lao G, moves his body. And shapes himself like a G.>

Lao G: G!

Donquixtoe Pirate member 1: WHAT THE HELL?!

Donquixtoe Pirate member 2: HE TOTALLY TURNED LAME IN A SECOND!

Page 3:

<Sai, holds his spear, and clashes with Baby 5's leg spear, and Sai looks across the area.>

Sai: I underestimated the officers... I assumed that they were no where near this level.

Baby 5: Well, the gladiators and Gladius are on a whole different level. The gladiator officers... Were former body guards to the Celestial Dragons.

<Sai, looks shocked, and hears a scream. Idea, has his stomach pierced by a kick from Dellinger, and Dellinger is licking the blood. He turns around, and slices up Ideo with a shark fin. Ideo, blanks out, and hits the floor.>

Dellinger: That's it? From the famed XXX Boxer? Even your blood is pathetic! Like a pigs! Come on pig boy... Squeal like one!

<He slams his foot on Ideo's stomach, and Ideo screams in pain.>


Page 4:

<Sai, looks down, and Baby 5 looks confused.>

Baby 5: What's going on? Aren't you going to get angry? A friend of yours is dying.

Sai: Friend? I barely know him, and even if I did, I forgot relationships long ago.

-20 years ago-

<Sai is 20, and Boo is 17, with Chinjao saddened, and a man in his bed, dying. The man, resembles Sai, and looks to Sai, holding his hand. Sai is saddened, while Boo is sobbing, uncontrollably.>

Father: Son... I was born sick... Do not cry.

Boo: But... Father... You are our father! How can I not be sad?!

Page 5:

Father: Boo... I love you, but Sai must hear something. Stay, but it is not for your ears. Sai... I die because I was too weak, but you are strong. Lead my fathers Happo Navy, but never cry. If you do, your men will cry alongside you. Fight, and they will fight. Defend your brother, he is not as strong as you. If you do so... Do so happy. Son... You are now the leader of the Nappo Navy... I... I...

<The father drops his hand, and is coughing up blood. He starts to stop, and Boo sobs even more. Chinjao, starts to sob, but Sai looks down, unemotional.>


Sai: I have no use, for something so unimportant.

<He clashes with Baby 5, and kicks her in the face, and grabs her, and throws her to the floor.>


<Sai looks to Dellinger, and points his spear at him.>

Sai: Dellinger... Come at me... AND MEET YOUR DEATH!

Page 6:

<Doflamingo, sitting on his throne, smirks to Bellamy.>

Doflamingo: Bellamy, I need you to remember something. In the end, you were nothing, but utterly pathetic.

<Bellamy, hearing that, is shocked, and takes a step back, and he tries to laugh it off.>

Bellamy: But... Boss, you took me under your wing...

Doflamingo: Indeed. You have potential, or more accurately, did. Yet, you wasted it not once, but twice.

Bellamy: SO DID LAW, BUT YOU...

Doflamingo: Law, is a special case.

Page 7:


Doflamingo: Harsh... But yes.

<Bellamy, hearing that, holds his head, and falls down, shocked.>

Bellamy: But... You raised me... You taught me everything... You were my model... I did everything to please you. I acted like you, treating everyone like shit... I stopped following my dreams... I did everything... To impress you... AND YOU REJECT ME?!

Doflamingo: ... Yes.

<Doflamingo, smirks, and raises his hand, forcing Bellamy to raise his hand, and head to Bellamy's knife.>

Bellamy: Master... Doflamingo... Stop!

Page 8:

<Bellamy, grabs the knife, and points it at his throat.he starts to sob, and looks to the knife.>

Bellamy: Please...

Doflamingo: When you die... Tell Vergo and Monet that their deaths will be avenged. Law will come with you soon.

<Bellamy, starts to plunge the knife, and screams.>


<The knife stops, and Doflamingo looks confused. Bellamy, is confused as well, and looks at the strings.>

Doflamingo: Too many strings... Using the damn cage, and those puppets... You know Bellamy, you and my dear former brother are the only people I couldn't kill with my strings. Unlike you though, that has nothing to do with skill, but luck. Dimante.

Page 9:

<Dimante, walks to Bellamy, holding his pipe, and raises it.>

Dimante: You had your chance. Now, not even god can save you.

<He tries to slam his pipe against Bellamy's head, but his pipe is shot out of his hand. He looks shocked, and another bullet slams into his head, exploding. Doflamingo, watching, explodes in fury, and jumps out of his throne, and points at the area from the bullets origin.>


<Trebol, grabs a rock, and looks to the area.>

Trebol: Let me see... No way they can s...

Page 10:

<The rock explodes, and Trebol, is shocked.>

Trebol: No one could beat me as a sniper... Who...

<In a distant, from afar 2 miles, Usopp, with a large slingshot, screams.>


<Robin, is using her hands to grab ammo and simple rocks, with Bartolomeo crossing his finger.>


<Violet, is using her eyes, to see where they are.>

Violet: Usopp, fire at the left!

Page 11:

<Usopp does so, and a bullet nearly slams onto Doflamingo, who dodges it. On the bottom of the building, Riku and Rebecca are surrounded by a crowd.>

Mob member 1: King Riku... We know what happened... But we must save our families.

King Riku: Doflamingo lies to you!

Mob member 100: Maybe... But we will do anything to save our families!

King Riku: I understand. Rebecca, forgive these poor men and women. Humans do insane things, and Immoral acts, to save their loved ones. I do not shame them, but pity... And understand them. Rebecca, do not harm one of them, but let none pass us!


<They dodge strikes, and block the path with their swords and bodies.>

Page 12:

<Pica, slams his sword onto Zoro's, and Zoro blocks it. Zoro, smirks, and is below Pica.>


<The cyclone fires, but Pica dodges, by going inside the stone, and coming out, behind Zoro. Zoro, blocks it, and sneers.>

Zoro: A coward way to attack.

Pica: Do not mistake me, I do not fight honorable. When I must save my master, I will fight like a coward.

Zoro: I can understand, but you are a fool.

Pica: Explain.

Zoro: Why sacrifice everything for one man, who is unable to do the same?

Page 13:

Pica: You are mistaken. Master has sacrificed everything. Losing his status, and killing his father, to save us. We messed up... We were unable to protect his mother, so we were tortured. When Master found out... He bloodied his hands for the first time, on his own father. For that.. I respect and promised to serve under him.

<Pica raises his finger, and stone pillars surround Zoro.>

Pica: I fight to do nothing, but serve master, and let him live. When he smiles, i do so as well.

<The pillars fall on Zoro, who cuts them up, and Pica cuts Zoro's right arm, causing it to gush blood.>

Pica: You fought well. But all good things must end.

Zoro: For such a funny sounding guy, you sure talk a damn lot.

<He slices Pica, and Pica bleeds.>

Zoro: Come on. We have all day.

Page 14:

<Luffy, and the group are surrounded by giant dolls.>

Luffy: Man, these things look funny.

Law: Don't get near them! They are dangerous.

Luffy: How?

<The area around the horse gets eaten, and a puppet is shown eating a large piece of the ground. A huge one lifts his foot and drops it. Cavendish, slices at it, but is unable to cut it. The horse jumps away, and the area around it is shaped like a foot print.>

Cavendish: That thing... Felt like metal!

Law: Must be made of Wootz steel.

Luffy: Wootz... Where have I heard that...

Page 15:

Kyros: That thing is easy enough to cut. One man wore armor like it, and I cut him up. All you need is muscle.

<He jumps, and slashes at the puppet, cutting it in half. In the puppet, is a huge stick of dynamite. Luffy grabs Kyros, and brings him back towards the horse, before it explodes. The area explodes, and small puppets jump off, on fire.>


Law: Indeed. Corazon built it. He intended it as more of as security bots, instead of tools of war, but Doflamingo was able to corrupt it. Stay away, or you die.

Luffy: So... I can destroy it?

Law: WHAT DID I... Wait, yes.

<Luffy, covers his hand into Haki, and pulls his hand back.>


Page 16:

<Luffy punches each one, causing them to hit the floor, and explode. The horse, jumps across each explosion, dodging each one, and stills look fabulous.>

Kyros: This horse... Is inhuman.

Luffy: It is. It's a horse.

Kyros: I mean it's amazing.

Luffy: You're right. Can I have it cabbage?

Cavendish: It is amazing.... AND HELL NO! NO WAY WILL I HELP YOU!

<They jump across a group of steps, and head to the 4th floor. Luffy, looks past, and watches Doflamingo, pointing at the roof with Usopp.>

Page 17:

Luffy: HEY!

<Doflmaingo, looks back, and looks straight at Luffy, jumping off the horses Kyros, does the same, and Cavendish, does the same as well.>


Cavendish: DOFLAMINGO!


<The three stare at each other, and Law, jumps off the horse, with his hands still chained up.>

Law: Let me free, so I can kill Doflamingo. Kill him, and I'll kill you.

Page 18:

<Away, Issho and Sabo clash, and the area explodes. The stone turns to lava, from the heat, and the lava flies, from the gravity making it rise. Issho strikes at Sabo, and Sabo matches him blow by blow. Maynard, hears a den den mushi, and listens to it, and is shocked.>

Maynard: ISSHO!

<Issho, looks troubled, and jumps away, looking to Maynard.>

Issho: Maynard, how's the situation?

Maynard: Sir, it's a huge problem. The Big Mom Pirates have been reported to be at the sea.

Issho: I should have known. Dressrosa is surrounded by Big Mom territory, anything else?

Maynard: Yes... So is a ship.

Issho: Ship?

Maynard: From... Wano.

Page 19:

<A small boat, heads to Dressrosa, with three men on it. A large man, with Wano style hair, looks to Dressrosa, and growls.>

Samurai: Kine'mon, you trying to run from us? We'll find you, and take back the shoguns damn child.