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I don't think I made a blog... Since before summer. Well, what's the worse that could happen?

While Jinbe reports a cat to a dog, some mess has happened in DRESSROSA. Donquixtoe has decided to stop reminiscing of the past.

That jerk.

However, everyone's favorite punching bag has returned! Bellamy, wants to know why he got his butt kicked by a guy who thinks wearing high heels with that outfit is a good idea. Donquixtoe, has a love/hate relationship with Law. With Bellamy, it's more like kill that sick little puppy relationship. Apparently, Donquixtoe is an anarchist as well. What, a, shock.

Meanwhile, Execution man from the 1800s, One Piece version battles Pretty Woman... And gets his guts ripped out. Pointy gets blown up, Never wins a fight gets crushed, Good Christopher Colombous gets owned, Fatty gets pounded by PlayBoy 5, and not in the good way, and I think I bit my tongue.

Meanwhile, citizens fight each other, with tears, snot, and one guy should join the NFL, if only he wasn't too busy exercising his citizens arrest rights. One guy found God, and Riku. This should end well.

Hey, want to play a game? Watch what happens when you piss off super human dwarves, that outnumber you 10/1. Guess what? They found out that you lie... And beat you black, blue, red, purple, green, and orange.

We find out Krabby's plan is to, do something. Yeah, that's not a plan, as much as making toast is a plan. Well, the Crying Game Joins in, and wants some action. Not from Krabby, but from Diamond. The kind that kills ya. He wants the platinum service. Classy. But, all of Luffy's new plucky misfits came through, blocking the path. Everyone's there... Except slayer. Geez, maybe two holes in your guts may be a little fatal. Fatty, finds this out, by having his own guy stabbed, but never underestimate a fat man. He uses his belly fat, and small hands to hold him off, with Luffy and Krabby breaking a path through.

ALL IN ALL... 7/10. What do you think?

Will we get that flashback?! Will Law ever get up?! Will Sabo win?! Will that stinking Sunny ever be mentioned?! Will Zoro Beat Sancho Panze?! Will Toriko survive having half his body blown up?! Will Gon find out how to use Nen again?! Will Bleach Insult Transexual people more?! Will Naruto Kill a woman who has extended the damn series to an extra 20 chapters?! Will Ippo still defeat that Mexican?! Will Gamer ever find out of he loves Super Cancer girl, or that hot girl who wants to kill him?! Will Btoom! Ever get another chapter?! How many more references can UQ Holder give to Negi?! Stay tuned, for answers you don't give a crap too!