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Chapter 705 review: '''S$&@ just got real!'''

Cover story - It seems that kaido's crew does not take lightly to revolutions.

Plot A - Burgess is praised like he just took a shit on a certain fat baby leader Korean we know with everyone going "Wait, won't he just win unless a main character pops up?" With rabbi Franky making friends with a certain one legged thunder joy toy every child needs. Next we see a marine... Breaking the law! O_O, my mind has been blown. Capman shows himself as a marine vice admiral who beats the crap out of one of the henchmen of the fanboy crazed unseen villain I want to see. Lastly we see Blind man turns out to be the man I did not want him to be... Fujitora, who seems to actually be a nice guy.

Plot B - The trade team (As I call them) are wearing hipsters clothes with Ussop and Caesar pissing themselves about fish that can fight when we see... CP-0 they look like freaks but, if they are even stronger then Lucci, then the group might be screwed.

Plot C - Zoro finds his sword, and he discovers the secret of the fairies, they can speak English! Even more better then most people I know! Also something about there...

Plot D - Our favorite samurai who happens to be like Zoro about getting lost, discovers a bunch of creepy guys who know him and his friend, are they donquixtoes men, spectators of the punk hazard event, or worse... Samurais with guns!

Plot E (For euro) - Sanji saves violet and himself from some assassin... Don't know why but if I was him, I leave this crazy bitch alone.

Plot F - Momo (Who I hate more then captain Canada, THT, MDM, and everyone else I know) is living the life at the sunny like a pimp (THE BASTARD!) he has chopper drinking medicine, Nami as his bitch fan, and brook as his musician boner friend, when strange sounds come from the men's room. A woman Sanji held there as hostage, or something else?

Plot G - Lastly my favorite part... Bartolomeo is going to the B block, as I thought, and he just DESTROYED a vice admiral with no problem... I'm loving it!

Rank - I give it a 9.6. Everything was great, awesome new stuff was revealed, and I learned my fanboy craze might be right.

Affecting plot - 9.8. A admiral, CP - o, and a new super stron opponent, would be a 10 if we saw the new warlord.

I'm nobody, and I'm out!

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