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In the new chapter, I think Moria will be wacked and the one who ordered it would be the Gorousei. If Moria will be wacked, Mihawk, Doflamingo, Boa and Kuma are the only legit shichibukai. Though Boa is on Luffy side and just retain the title for the sake of her Island Amazon Lily from being incinerated by the World Govt, Blackbeard will be hunted by the marines because of what he did to the Marine HQ and releasing prisoners from Level 6. Kuma is not introduced lately if he is dead or if he still being used by Dr. Vegapunk as an experimental guinea pig for newer Pacifistas. So all in all there are 3 slot to fill in for the position of the shichibukai. Unless Moria has a bargaining chip to save his butt and retain his title as a warlord. what ya think?


1. Mihawk - legit warlord

2. Doflamingo - legit warlord

3. Jimbei * Help Luffy @ Marine Ford

4. Crocodile * Help Luffy @ Marine Ford

5. Boa Hancock * Secret Luffy Allies but still legit warlord status

6. Kuma - legit walord

7. Moria * soon to be wacked

8. Marshall D Teach filled the spot when Crocodile was defeated by Luffy and went against the WG after getting Quake quake fruit ability from WB*