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Supernova power-ranking

Nice tats October 30, 2011 User blog:Nice tats

I'm a little confused here. I think that the Monster Trio are the strongest Supernovas(although Sanji isn't a Supernova). My power-ranking would be a litte like this:1.Monkey D. Luffy2.Captain Kidd3. Roronoa Zoro4. Sanji5. X Drake6. Basil Hawkins7. Trafalgar LawAnd the rest is just crap!(EXCEPT JEWELRY BONNEY<3)From 5-end was just based on how people looked at them. Ofc strength wize. Ok Drake ruled havoc in the New World. BIG DEAL! ZORO AND SANJI COULD DO THAT TOO!So this is mine. How would yours be!

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