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KUMASHI IS ALIVE!!! Well, not really but he's still there and I find the new cover sooo damn cute! Perona-chwaaan! <3

Aham, anyway, so the giant and not so giant kids, who all turned out to be little robot nerds, were obviously taken from their homes and ask Team Shitty Nami to help them. And oh my God, Nami does the right thing for once. Who wants to bet she'll charge the parents for this later?

Sanji hates children. lol This made my day. He just destroyed a ton of fanfics with him in a father role. Way to go!

So now to the really interesting stuff: The "Master" of Punk Hazard is some unshaped... slime/liquid/root/whatever something. That's so cool. I'm dying to know what kind of ability that is. Apparently Master has something against Vegapunk AND the Marines. So I assume that he/she is some kind of pirate, criminal or former WG employee.

Also we get a better glimps of the bird lady. The shirt says something with -rpy or -ppy at the end. Harpy? Meh, too mainstream! I'll call her Happy instead! xD

Back to Team Luffy and One-Man-Team Brook. Brook killed some time beating up thugs and sipping tea before contacting the others. I swear this dead guy kills me every time he does something. Meanwhile Luffy befriended and de-friended a leopard centaur. Wait WHAT? Giraffes and leopards? I though crack is forbidden in history class.

Talking about history class we learn that "that old geezer" Vegapunk perfromed some experiments involving chemical weapons on PH 4 years ago. And 2 years later Akainu and Aokiji used the island as a battle ground CAUSING THOSE EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS. Holy cow! I mean, seriously! This must have been the battle of the millenium.

Speechless Neo out!