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Wikia search is a bitch so forgive me if there already is a blog of this kind. Just like it says in the title, I want to know:

Which canon story arc did you dislike the most?

A sentence about why you don't like it would be nice. I'm not going to make a poll because it'd be too long (the tournament folks can do that one properly *wink*).

Author's Opinion

5) Little Garden - Mr 3 was a bad villain (even though he makes a most hilarious match with Buggy later) and both Vivi and Nami were super annoying in this arc.

4) Loguetown - What was the point of this? In the end it was a lot of trouble for nothing.

3) Drum Island - Maybe it's the snow setting, I find it depressing. And I didn't like Wapol either. I'm still troubled by the existence of Bepo and Pekoms because they make everything that happened to Chopper (and therefore the entire arc) kinda meaningless.

2) Fishman Island - Haha! Couldn't have a list of worst arcs without that one, could I? I don't know what I expected but this arc had the potential to be better than it was in the end. It wasn't bad per se it just left me with the most disappointment. Hody for most pussy-ass villain!

1) Skypiea - THE worst arc. I don't even remember much of it because I found it so incredibly boring. Hell, even Jaya before it was better simply because it was so satisfying to watch Luffy beat the shit out of that grinning dick, Bellamy.

I'm currently re-watching the anime and the whole ordeal crap drags on forever and ever. This arc killed my interest for OP in the past, which is why I hate it so much.

The only good thing I can say about this arc is that Enel was the best villain after Crocodile at this point.